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Easy Pickings With Locksmith London

locksmith LondonLocksmith London are your fast response no fuss, no mess locksmith for the London and surrounding areas. We search the area for people in need of locksmith services and can be with you in absolutely no time at all from when you first call. Locksmith London are easy to reach at all hours of the day and night and can complete all locksmith tasks asked of us.

Locksmith London are here to provide a fully comprehensive locksmith service for you at your home or at your workplace with no messing around we’ll have you back up and running with your day and forgetting about whatever locksmith problem you had us out for.

Locksmith London are here to make sure everything is simple for you from start to finish. Locksmith London promise an easy and professional service from start to finish. We’re competitive on price and we ca deal with all types of locks and doors and even windows and other locks, just give us a call and speak to one of our trained advisors today at locksmith London!

Guaranteed Entry With Locksmith London

locksmith LondonLocksmith London are your local, professional locksmith for the London and surrounding areas. With fast response times and comprehensive locksmith services to your home or work 24/7 365 days a year we’re surely the locksmith you’ve been looking for.

Locksmith London are dedicated professionals that’s why we guarantee you entry when you choose to come to us when you’re locked out or are experiencing other troubles with your locks. Locksmith London is here to provide the very best and easiest to use service that allows you to both speak to someone about your issues, and then go on to get those issues solved, whenever and wherever you need us to.

Call locksmith London and speak to one of our friendly trained advisors today about all of the fantastic services we can provide for you at your home or at your workplace. Give us a call and find out why people are saying it’s never been easier to get a locksmith!

Locksmith London Fast & Reliable

Locksmith LondonLocksmith London are your number one for fast response locksmiths services in the London and surrounding areas. With over 20 years experience and all the tools and skills to make sure you’re lock troubles are a thing of the past, today. Locksmith London should be the first locksmith you call when you’re in the London area and you need assistance fast.

Locksmith London are always around and provide a comprehensive 24/7 365 day a year locksmith service to your home or to your workplace. We can get someone out to you in next to no time or alternatively we can get someone out to you at a specific time.

Call now and speak to one of our trained advisors who’ll guide you to the quickest and most cost effective solution to your problem whatever that problem might be. When you call us today we’ll make sure you’re treated with a professional mannerism and professional work.

Locksmith London Near Me

Locksmith LondonLocksmith London is your local fast response 24/7 locksmith for the whole of the London and surrounding areas. No matter the place time or date locksmith London can get to you in no time at all and fix any lock issue you might be having for a competitive rate and a professional approach to all issues whether big or small we’ll get it fixed for you and fixed for you fast.

Call locksmith London today and speak to one of our trained advisors about how we can help you overcome any lock or door issues within your home or at your workplace.

We have solutions and the experience to deal with any type of problem and because we’re 24/7 we’re in and around London all day and all night meaning we can be with you right away or at a later time to suit you and your schedule. So don’t feel rushed, take your time and call us when it suits you and let us do all the running around for you!

Locksmith London For Lock Outs

locksmith LondonAre you locked out? Do you need assistance right away? Or are you looking for someone to meet you at a specific time to suit your schedule. Locksmith London are your fast response emergency and non emergency locksmith for the London and surrounding areas. With over 20 years experience and all the tools and skills to make sure any lock troubles are a thing of the past, today!

Call locksmith London now and speak to one of our trained advisors today about all of the great services we have to offer and all of the not so great lock troubles those services could help you with today! Call now and speak to the trained professionals here at locksmith London today and see what we can fix for you!

Locksmith London offer a competitively priced comprehensive service for your home or your workplace and can be on site in absolutely no time if that’s what you require. Competitive prices and fast response times, that’s what makes us your go to locksmith in the London and surrounding areas.

Locksmith London No Fuss, No Mess, Less Waiting

Locksmith LOndonLocksmith London are your local fast response locksmith services for the London and surrounding areas. Our fast response times and our fast working times are thanks to our years of experience and our no fuss no mess work ethic that allows us to fly through our days solving problems as they come and leaving a trail of happy customers in our wake.

Call now and speak to a trained office advisor today, you can discuss the many great services we offer to our customers, our availability to perform those services and most importantly the price you can expect to pay for those services. Whether you’re at home or at work, whether it’s an emergency or non emergency call out we’ll make sure you get a competitive rate.

Call now and speak to someone at a time to suit you. Our trained office advisors as well as our experienced locksmith team are available 24/7 365 days a year so whether you need a locksmith right away or at a later time to suit you you’ll always have someone to call and to talk to about your lock issues. Call now and speak to the professionals.

No Waiting With Locksmith London

Here at locksmith London we deal with emergency and non emergency call outs non stop 24/7 365 days of the year with fast response times for all London and surrounding areas. Locksmith London don’t mess around and can be with you right away or at a time to suit you.

Whether big or small we can deal with any situation today or at a time to suit you with competitive rates and a no mess, no fuss, professional approach to all emergency and non emergency call outs.

Locksmith London is always here for if and when you need us whatever the time and whatever the date. Our prices reflect the hard work and dedication put into providing locksmith services for the whole of London 24/7 365 days of the year.

Don’t Just Call Any Locksmith, Call Locksmith London

Locksmith LondonLocksmith London have been around for a while now and we’ve seen other locksmiths come and go due to a variety of reasons, but luckily locksmith London has been able to keep going and helping the people of London if and when they need the help. With over 20 years experience and all the tools and skills to make any locksmith trouble you may be having a thing of the past, today you’d be silly to call anyone but locksmith London.

Locksmith London is here to stay and that means 24/7 365 days a year including weekends and bank holidays, so it doesn’t matter if you think it’s too late to phone us if the time is convenient for you then don’t hesitate to call us and speak to one of our trained office advisors and they’ll help point you in the right direction.

Alternatively you can ask us about what services we provide if you have a uncommon query. Locksmith London are here to help that’s why instead of sales people on the phones Locksmith London has advisors who are simply here to help you in the best and most efficient way they possibly can. Call locksmith London today and find out for yourself why we’ve been able to continue to provide our amazing services for so long.

Locked Out? Locksmith London Is Fast!

Locksmith LondonLocksmith London is your local fast response locksmith for the London and surrounding areas with over 20 years experience and all the tools and skills to make any lock out or other locksmith issue a thing of the past, today.

What’s more is that locksmith London is around for you if and when you need us 24/7 365 days a year with coverage across the whole of the London and surrounding areas. Locksmith London is competitively priced and quick to respond to all emergency and non emergency locksmith call outs.

Locksmith London is here for you and with our trained office advisors on hand to make sure you always have someone to talk to no matter the time or date as well as our dedicated locksmiths who also won’t leave you without the option of using locksmith London for a fast turnaround on all locksmith tasks. Call today!

Fast Response Locksmith London

Locksmith LondonHere at locksmith London we’re dedicated to providing quick response times and quick results when we go out on the job too. If you need a locksmith in the London or surrounding areas and you need one fast, then call locksmith London today and speak to one of our friendly trained advisors today about all the amazing services we offer and you can also get live response times, all you have to do is ask.

With locksmith London there’s no messing around as we’ll get someone to you right away or at a time to suit you it’s really never been  simpler to get a locksmith out to your location in the London or surrounding areas if and when you need a locksmith. Call today and ask about our competitive pricing and our long list of services we’re ready to provide today.

What’s more is that we’re open 24/7 365 days a year so you can call us any time and speak to one of our professional trained advisors no matter what the time or day. Call us now and speak to a professional and see how much time and more importantly money we can save you today! Call now


locksmith london keysWhatever your lock problem we have the solution.We deal with all manner of lock problems 365 days a year. From emergency access to the installation of high quality security locks. We have it covered.

When you have a lock issue you want the locksmith London who will resolve your lock trouble leaving you to deal with your busy life. We stock one of the largest ranges of locks available from the more traditional to the most modern locks available on the market. If you’re looking for something on a budget or aiming to achieve high security with the industry leading locksmith London brands then we can help.

What we can guarantee is that you will receive service from a professional locksmith London who specialises in resolving any manner of lock issue. Let us take the hassle out of all of your residential and commercial lock problems. Call your reliable Swift Locksmith London now.

London Locksmith Fast Response

Locksmith LondonLocksmith London is here for you today, if and when you need us, if you’re in desperate need of a locksmith right now, whether emergency or non emergency locksmith London are here for you. Are you locked out in the London or surrounding areas? No worries locksmith London can be there for you at a competitive rate in absolutely no time at all whether you’re locked out or need a lock replacement, we offer many great services tailored to your specific needs all at the drop of the hat.

Call today and speak to one of our trained advisors about all of the amazing services we could be performing for you today, including lock changes, entry gaining, new lock installations, and much more. Locksmith London are also your local friendly upvc door specialists and can replace barrels, strips, and even mechanisms at the drop of a hat as soon as you like.

Whether you’re in a rush, locked out or otherwise Locksmith London will always be the best bet to get you back into your home in no time at all. We offer 24/7 coverage of all London areas at a competitive rate, call us whenever, whatever day whatever time whatever London location and we’ll send someone out to you to fix any issue you may have. Call now and see what we can do for you today!

Locksmith London Fast And Trustworthy

Here at locksmith London we try really hard to focus on two main principles and they are, looking after our customers the best we can and making sure all of our customers would use us again. How do we do that? Well looking after your customers varies depending on what business you’re running, for locksmith London we try and focus on what the customer wants most from us and that means looking at the situation the customer is in when they call us. If a customer calls us and is locked out of their home then the first thing the customer will want from us is speed, that’s why locksmith London makes sure it’s always right on time and quick with response times to emergency lock outs.Locksmith London

Locksmith London also wants returning customers,we want you to save our numbers after we’re done with the job you asked us to do so that means we have to make sure our customers never feel ripped off or scammed, as well as the speed of our response times it’s also very important that the customer feels as if they got their moneys worth out of us even when the job is a complicated one.

Call locksmith London today and speak to our wonderful trained office staff today, we can sort you out with anything you may need whether you’re locked out, or you just need your locks changed for your own peace of mind, locksmith London is around 24/7 365 days of the year ready to make sure you’re never in a jam that you can’t get out of. Locksmith London also install new locks on doors that don’t have locks on and can be round in a jiffy to make sure anything you need a locksmith for gets done, today! Call now.

Locksmith London Always Here for You

Locksmith London

Locksmith London are all about speed, professionalism, and convenience and that’s exactly what you get when you choose us over other locksmiths in the London and surrounding areas. We’re number one for fast response times in an emergency and all non emergency situations. We’re dedicated to providing the best service we can possibly provide at a competitive rate 24/7 365 days of the year so you always know you’ve got someone to rely on in a lockout or other locksmith situation.

When you require a locksmith call locksmith London today, with trained advisors manning the phones 24/7 as well as our experienced and fast response locksmiths on call at all times it’s no wonder locksmith London is the number one choice of many people in the London and surrounding areas when it comes to providing locksmith services.

Call now and speak to one of our professional, trained office team members today about all the great and useful services we offer such as gaining entry, locks change, and even new lock installations. You can even ask our office staff about our availability to perform these services and most importantly how much these services are likely to cost you. Call today and speak to one of the professionals about your lock troubles, now!

Locksmith London Emergency Relief

Locksmith LondonHere at locksmith London we deal with all sorts of tasks throughout the day and we never know what we’re going to be taking on during the day when we start out in the morning. We’re dedicated locksmiths with over 20 years experience and all the tools and skills to help you out in any situation you may feel we can help you with. Call now and speak to one of our trained office advisors today about all the fantastic services we offer, or alternatively tell us what’s wrong and we’ll be able to tell you there and then if we can help.

Locksmith London only deals with houses and garages, not cars and if you need assistance with your car you should seek the help of an auto locksmith. Apart from cars we deal with pretty much everything to do with locks and doors and even the occasional safe opening too. Locksmith London helps with lock outs, lock changes, and even new lock installations as well as a variety of services to do with UPVC doors.

As well as helping with your locks locksmith London trained advisors can give you advice and really help you find the best solution to your lock or any other issue you may be having. Just call us and ask all of our advisors are trained and know how to help. Call today and speak to some one right away and see if we can’t make your lock trouble a thing of the past, today. Call now!

Locksmith London Fast Response Relief

locksmith londonHere at locksmith London we’re all about speed and efficiency and those are important qualities when you’re a 24/7 locksmith covering the whole of the London and surrounding areas. Locksmith London are super easy to use and super fast to get out to you. With over 20 years experience and all of the tools and skills to help you out when you need it most, locksmith London should be top of your list for locksmiths when you’re in an emergency or non emergency lock out or other lock fault situation.

Call today and speak to one of our trained office professionals about all of the great services we offer for you at work, at home, and everywhere else in between. We’re dedicated professionals and know our way around locks. If you’re in a rush to get back into or just into your property or work property then give us a call today and one of our trained office advisors will send someone out to you right away.

When you call us today you won’t be greeted by a salesperson trying to sell you services you don’t need, in fact we only employ advisors and don’t at all reward for a high number of sales but rather for a high level of skill shown when providing information to customers. Because that’s all you should ever get when talking to any business. Our services will be needed by someone somewhere and when they need those services we’ll be right there on hand to help them or you out. Call today!

Locksmith London For Lockouts

Locksmith London has over 20 years experience and when we say we haven’t let it go to waste, we mean it that’s from our trained locksmiths, all the way through to our trained office staff who handle your call when you ring in. Locksmith London want to provide the most easy to use and streamlined service so when you’re locked out or when you need a locksmith it’s easy for you to get a locksmith to you quick, wherever you are in London.

Locksmith London

Locksmith London prices are competitive and we’ll get to you fast, especially in an emergency, we deal with every lockout or locksmith situation with the most professionalism and speed possible making sure we never rush jobs but also that we stay cost effective for the customer who 9/10 times will just want to get back into their home as soon as possible after a lock out.

Locksmith London aim to stop any stress and tension from mounting anymore than it is, as locksmith London know that it’s a very stressful situation getting locked out, the last thing we want to do is add more stress to the process. Locksmith London want to see you back into your home as soon as we can!

Locksmith London Handy And Reliable

Here at locksmith London we try to keep things simple, and by that we mean less stressful for you, the customer. Locksmith London wants you to feel like you’re in safe reliable hands when you come to us. With over 20 years experience locksmith London deal with all types of door, locks, and keys and are sure to have the right tools skills and experience to get you through any lock out trouble you might have. Locksmith London prices are competitive and we won’t charge you a call out fee.Locksmith London

Call today for a quick and easy to use service that won’t leave you stressed out in what could already be a very tense situation. Locksmith London are here for you if and when you need us, we don’t just deal with lock outs though we deal with PVC door repairs, lock replacements and new lock installations which you can book in to be done today or on a later date.

Call today to experience locksmith London professional reliable service for yourself, locksmith London seal with all areas of London and can get to you with lighting speeds. Locksmith London call today and speak to one of our trained friendly advisors and see what we can do for you today.

Need A Locksmith Now? Locksmith London

Locksmith LondonDo you need a locksmith London ASAP, look no further! Locksmith London are quick to get our to you in an emergency and non emergency situation. We’re a team of dedicated local locksmiths that operate 24/7 throughout the London and surrounding areas. We cover all London locations and can get to you as soon as you need us. Whether it be right away or whether you’d rather we came at a time to suit you locksmith London is the local London locksmith that you can rely on in a lockout situation.

Need a lock changed or new lock installed for security reasons? We can fit you with a new lock or replace your existing locks right away, we carry all sorts of locks so we should have you covered before we even take a look at your lock. Locksmith London are super quick to get out and our prices are super competitive. If you’re in the London or surrounding areas and your in need of a locksmith then just give us a call today and we’ll sort you right out with a locksmith so you can go about your day again.

Call our trained advisors to ask about anything including things like the services we provide, our availability and response times to get out and perform those services and things like prices for those services or any other question you may have about our business and the way it operates. Call now and speak to a professional. Don’t call any old locksmith, call your local Locksmith London!

Locksmith London Any Time Any Weather

Here at locksmith London we’ve been taken back by this heat wave just like everyone else, we can’t say we haven’t enjoyed it for the most part but as well as enjoying getting a tan and the weather being nice in England, extreme heat of course makes our job that little bit more challenging. So do locksmith London work when in blazing hot weather? Yes we do we’re open as usual no matter how warm it gets! Do locksmith London charge more when it’s blazing hot sun? No open as usual means open as usual, from our quick response times in a lock out situation, to our very competitive pricing, no matter the time, date or weather, you can count on swift locksmith London to be there for you!Locksmith London

locksmith London just want to make the whole experience of getting a locksmith out simple, especially in a lock out situation where tension can be high and you’re desperate to get in to your house, which makes it all the more important that we don’t do anything to stress our customers further.

Call our lines today and speak to one of our trained advisors about any service or any aspect of the business you wish to discuss, we’re open 24/7 365 days a yer so you’ll always be able to get someone out or at least ask one of our staff for advise, and our staff know what they’re talking about thanks to experience and training we should be able to deal with your call in a matter of minutes even if you need a locksmith out! Call today and see what we can do for you!

Locksmith London Lock Installation

Here at locksmith London we deal with lot’s of different types of job that require our locksmith London team to be highly skilled and prepared for anything on a day to day basis. One of the many fantastic services we offer, while not one of the most requested but still important is installations of locks on doors that otherwise didn’t have locks. This is a service locksmith London provides at a competitive rate and a service that we specialise in.

When installing a lock our locksmiths must first measure up the center point of the door and mark where they need to drill for the lock body to go. The lock body is the part of the lock that will rest inside the door and it houses the keyhole and mechanism of the lock as well as the deadbolt that actually locks the door.

When the lock body is in position the locksmith can then start marking up where the rest of the lock or as it’s known sometimes, the box striker, this is where the deadbolt slides into when the door is locked. The locksmith will need to cut the shape of the box striker into the door frame just like they did with the lock body in the door. The average new lock installation takes an estimated 2-3 hours. Locksmith London call today and we can come and fit you a new lock in your door.


When you have a lock problem you want to know that you have  a London locksmith you can trust. All of our fully trained locksmiths operate around London 24 hours a day so you can resolve any lock issue fast. We operate a 24 hour emergency locksmith service in addition to all the services such as lock changes and fitting. When you want a professional locksmith for any lock issue make sure you contact Swift Locksmiths London Tel: 0203 490 1559. Great Customer Service – Fast Response – Fully Insured – All London Postcodes – Residential & Commercial


Need to find a 24 hour emergency locksmith London service you know can trust? Found yourself locked out of your home or office? Don’t want to pay for expensive emergency call outs to get you back up and running? With our fantastic service at your expert service in London experienced solution provider you’re in safe hands. We know all about the inconvenience and stress of a lock out, break in or key breakage. That’s why our exceptional quality solution promises to deliver affordable quality, fast. You want to know that when you obtain a local locksmith you’re getting the best security service and quality. We understand that you want the best to gain access to your property in an efficient and timely manner. That’s why so many clients trust us to solve all their lock requirements.


What routines increase my home security?

You may have heard someone say. To be aware of your home security, is to have good home security. This is true in more ways than one. The experts agree. There are few things as efficient for home security than the residents being alert, interested and aware.

To learn more, start by taking this simple step. Go outside of your house and take a look at it. Let your eyes pan wide. It helps if you do this during night time. Now, think about what you would do if you wanted to make your way into the house without being noticed.

Good routines for your security and keysNo doubt a hundred different strategies of a mock burglary comes to mind. No doubt is there also quite a few ideas brooding already on how you can improve routines which helps your home security. At the first instance it may seem a great many things to keep in mind straight off the trot.

However, it’s not nearly as harrowing as it seems at first. You can instate routines that increase your home security over time. It doesn’t all have to happen in one go.

At the top of our list of recommendations. The tried and tested. Never leave your doors or windows unlocked whilst you are absent. It’s easy to get lazy, however by practising to always lock before you leave. You practice a routine worth gold when looking to increase your home security by habit.

After the lock and and leave is in place. Remembering to always put away your high value electronics when they are not in use. Keep smartphones, tablets, laptops and other portables hidden from view when not needed. This removes temptation and is a routine that increase your home security by many tiers.

Electronics and high tech equipment are common items to be stolen. Read more about how to keep them safe at home here.

Locksmith London UPVC Door Repairs

Here at locksmith London we deal with lots of different types of locks and lot’s of different types of doors, but here at locksmith London we’re actually Upvc door specialists, we carry all the parts for most upvc doors and are able to fit them there and then if you have a problem with yours.

When replacing cylinders on Upvc doors we always use anti snap anti drill and anti pick euro cylinders meaning that you’re a lot safer when you use locksmith London to replace your locks on your upvc doors because locksmith London don’t take any chances. Lock snapping is actually the most common method used to gain access to upvc doors so it’s important when you’re getting your lock replaced to always check that the replacement lock is anti snap at least.

So now you know you’re safe against lock snapping what if you need a new mechanism but don’t know what type of mechanism your upvc door already has and don’t fancy ripping it apart to find out. Locksmith London have got you covered! We carry most types of mechanism with us on our vans so you should never be stuck without a mechanism. However sometimes we won’t have your type of mechanism due to your upvc door being imported or just old, don’t fret we can order you one in at a competitive rate and then come and fit it when it arrives!

Understanding domestic security with locksmith London

As our customers will know, Locksmith London cannot understate the importance of excellent security maintenance. It is sometimes worrying the aspects of knowledge which should be known to everyone, which are simply missing. This risks leaving your property vulnerable and should be avoided at all costs.

When assessing your home security, the most important thing is to understand the lock on your door. As the main access point to your property, this has to be your priority. Of course, what locks you have will depend on the material of your door. If you have a wooden door, then your locksmith London always recommends the combination of a mortise lock and a Yale lock. If you have a UPVC door, then you should always ensure you have at least an anti-snap, anti-bump lock to ensure maximum security.

Your doors are the main access point to your property. However, they’re not the only access point and so are not the only location you should think about securing. Your windows may present an easier opportunity for would-be criminals, albeit it would potentially draw more attention to themselves as they attempt to break your window.

To avoid this, you should ensure your windows have adequate locking mechanisms. Not only is this important for the obvious reasons, but it also acts as a deterrent. When criminals assess properties, they will be looking for those which appear to be weak and those which their owners don’t appear to take security too seriously. Having functioning, well-equipped locking mechanisms on your windows will deter any potential intruders from targeting your property in the first place. Then of course, as your windows are made of glass it’s worth ensuring they’re sufficiently strong and consider other security mechanisms to protect your property whilst maintaining the aesthetics.

For any further information, always feel free to contact you local locksmith London.

Locksmith London Mortise Locks

Here at locksmith London we deal with many different types of lock, including euro cylinders, night latches, mechanical code locks and mortise locks. Mortise locks are the most expensive lock to be locked out of as unless you’ve left the key in the other side of the lock then the anti drill plates usually found on these mortise locks can be a real pain for our locksmiths sometime even taking up to three hours to drill through, unlike the other locks we usually deal with which take much less than an hour to deal with.locksmith London

But is this necessarily a bad thing? Locksmith London think not, at least if someone was to try and break into your home you’d know the amount of effort and the amount of noise they’d have to make to be successful and this knowledge alone can be enough to scare criminals from even attempting to gain entry. There is only one warning that we’d like to provide you with regarding mortise locks and that is never to leave the key in the inside of the door over night or at all this makes getting into a mortise lock incredibly easy and can be achieved in a matter of seconds, that’s right seconds!

Mortise locks are locks that require a pocket known as the mortise, to  be put into a door or cupboard or piece of furniture. Mortise locks are usually found on older buildings, before the invention of the cylinder rim locks, some people to this day still prefer the looks and added security that mortise locks bring and that’s why they still get made in high quantity to this day. Locksmith London can come and deal with your mortise lock if you’re locked out today, just give us a call, give us a time and we’ll be there for you to let you back into your home, call now!

Locksmith London Local Trusted Locksmith Service

Here at locksmith London we pride ourselves on being your local trusted locksmith service for the London and surrounding areas, locksmith London are here for you today, if and when you need us. If you’re in emergency lock out situation call locksmith London today and we’ll get to you in no time to let you back into your home or work place and get you back up and running with your day. Locksmith London pride ourselves on being a quick and easy solution to any lock troubles you may have whether it be a lock out, a lock replacement or even a new lock installation.Locksmith London

Locksmith London have trained professionals answering the phone 24/7 not some pushy sales people just trained advisors who are looking to provide the most accurate quotations possible. Locksmith London provide professional services throughout the London and surrounding areas, and what’s more locksmith London deal with everything, from lock outs to upvc door repairs we’ve got you covered in those tight jams.

Locksmith London know that being locked out is never fun, so that’s why locksmith London have designed the system we use to be as simple and easy to use as possible without causing you anymore stress than you already have in what could already be a tense situation. Locksmith London will look at getting out to you as soon as possible and getting you back up and firing on all cylinders with your day. Call locksmith London today and see what we can do for you, now.

Locksmith London Won’t Damage Your Door

Here at locksmith London we take emergency lock outs and non emergency lock outs very seriously so when there’s a certain question about our service or about locksmith services in general locksmith London want to address it so that people can rest easy knowing that when locksmith London come to let you back in in a lock out situation, locksmith London while we may have to damage your locks and then replace them will never leave any marks or scuffs on your door.locksmith London

some people with little or no experience with a locksmith might get worried about the methods we might use on their door and how much it’s actually going to cost them when we leave. But if locksmith London can’t open your door without breaking the lock then our locksmith London will drill through your existing lock and replace your lock for no added labour charge.

Locksmith London don’t charge for call outs we’ll just charge you for the work we do and the parts we use. That might make our service sound like it could get expensive but locksmith London offer competitive rates on all locksmith services in the London and surrounding areas for the people of London to use if and when they need it. Locksmith London have you covered in emergency and non emergency locksmith situatoins, call today!

Locksmith London The Importance Of Burglar Alarms

Locksmith London take security very seriously, and that doesn’t just mean having the right locks, Locksmith London recommends a burglar alarm to all homes looking to increase their security. So why do most people never use their burglar alarms? Well we don’t have the answer to that, but we do know that according to a recent study done by Which?, 7% of all burglar alarm owners had experienced a break in or an attempted break in. This piece of information would suggest that burglars aren’t going to be just scared off by seeing a burglar alarm.

Locksmith LondonWhat type of burglar alarm is best for your home? First of all there are two types of alarm to pick from, there’s stand alone alarms and then there’s monitored alarms. What’s the difference and which type would be best for my home?

Well the difference between the two alarms is that a stand alone alarm, when set off will only ring and make a loud noise which means for it to be effective you really need to have neighbors close by who’ll hopefully ring the police. Where as monitored alarms are a little different and rather than just making a noise, you pay a monthly fee to a company who monitor your alarm and depending on the type of contract you have will either phone the police or a nominated key holder.

Having either could greatly improve your home security, and while they may seem expensive they could save you a lot of hassle in the future. Call us today and ask us about our home security surveys.

Locksmith London Never Let You Down

Here at locksmith London we concentrate on providing a quick, easy, and reliable service for all your locksmith needs in the London and surrounding areas. That quick, easy to use, reliable service starts when you call us, you’ll be put through to one of our trained advisors who isn’t trying to sell you on the products or services we provide, but instead offer information and advice to ensure you can resolve your locksmith issue in the most cost effective way possible.Locksmith London

Locksmith London are also dedicated to providing this high level of customer service not just n office hours but all days in the year meaning you’ll never be forced to speak to automated messages or anything of the sort. No matter what time you call us we’ll have our trained advisers on the phone. But being reliable and fast doesn’t stop there locksmith London will never let you down. That means when we tell you we can get there at a certain time to help you with your lock out locksmith really will be there to let you back into your home or your work.

Locksmith London will come out at any time any date to let you back into your home, even if we’re on the other side of London to you. Here at locksmith London we’re just itching to get out to you and provide you with locksmith services no matter what they might be. Locksmith London provides a catalogue of great, speedy, and competitively priced locksmith service all with fast response times and 24/7 support. Call today and see what we can do for you.

Locksmith London Specialist Locks

Here at Locksmith London we deal with loads of different types of locks and keys every day, this means that we need to be prepared for anything the day might throw at us. When dealing with lock outs locksmith London can come up against any surprises so it’s important to be prepared for the unknown when leaving to attend a lock out. Sometimes we get out to a job expecting it to be a simple one, but then find out that the lock varies slightly to the one we were expecting it to be.Locksmith London

Does that mean locksmith London just give up and call it a day? Absolutely not, we make sure that we’re ready for those little unexpected jobs, the most common case of this happening to us is with euro cylinders. Euro cylinders are usually found on Upvc doors and are very easy to replace. However sometimes locksmith London get out to a job and find that the euro cylinder varies slightly in shape. Well locksmith London can’t just fit you with a normal euro cylinder and hope no burglars notice, we have to replace your lock like for like to ensure that you have the most secure home possible.

The most common shape variation on the euro cylinder is the oval shaped euro cylinder, they both serve the same purpose, the only difference is aesthetic despite what any upvc door salesman might tell you. Locksmith London only fit anti snap euro cylinders and do so at a competitive rate. Call today!

Locksmith London Mechanical Code Lock Installations

Locksmith London can provide and install or replace mechanical code locks, if you’re looking for extra security or if you have a broken or faulty mechanical code lock locksmith London can come out repair, replace or install a new mechanical code lock to your requirements any door, any material. Mechanical code locks are good for providing extra security and keeping costs down if you have a lot of employees say at an office for instance where it could be costly to provide everyone with keys, instead all you have to do with mechanical code locks is to set the correct code and tell your employees the code so only they can get in and out of the work area.locksmith London

Mechanical code locks are easy enough to set up once installed with a combination of numbers and letters they are ideal for opening hours locks to back offices or private rooms in your workplace, when the business is close you can use the deadbolts with a key for a impenetrable defense against break ins.

Mechanical code locks aren’t cheap, but when you compare them to the price of supplying a whole business worth of people with keys and then having to replace the locks and then having to provide the same amount of keys whenever one key is lost, cheap. Call today and locksmith London can come out today and fit, install, repair or replace and mechanical code locks with a quick response time, and very little stress. Call today.

Locksmith London Always About

Here at   London we’ve got over 20 years experience and that means more than just experience with locks that means locksmith London have 20 years experience if trying to make our service as streamlined, and easy to use as possible so from the time you call us to the time our locksmith London leaves your home you’ll be completely at ease knowing you’re in good hands, our prices are competitive and we can get to you fast in an emergency.Locksmith London

Locksmith London want to make it’s services as easily accessible as possible in an emergency and non emergency this is so our customers feel at ease when they’re in a stressful situation, knowing the problem will soon be resolved, we’re quick to get out to you and locksmith London are super quick to get out to you you won’t believe how quick we’ll get out to you.

Call our offices today and see if we can’t get one of our locksmith London team out to you in absolutely no time at all, locksmith London will get you in any lock and any door at a reasonable price, we won’t take you for a ride locksmith London are dedicated to doing a good job.

Locksmith London Customer Service And Us

here at Locksmith London, we feel customer service is an integral part of running a successful business for any length of time, that’s we’re so shocked to see that their are a lot of companies out there who don’t actually care about the customer and in some cases

Locksmith London

might even look to dupe a customer based on their circumstances financially. We think this has got to stop and that any company that doesn’t make an active attempt to eradicate such custom from their business is probably somewhat involved in the facade. But customer service isn’t just not scamming your customers in fact not scamming your customers is just basic courtesy and nothing to do with customer service.

We make an effort to communicate with our customers and that’s why we offer our 24/7 365 day a year phone line where customers are encouraged to phone in and talk to us about anything regarding their locks or any of the services we offer, we do this just as a token thank you to the people of London who have treated us kindly with their continued support and business for over 20 years.

We know this sort of longevity in business could be associated with growing but we’ve never been into that and would rather grow our service and the span of people our service can help, rather than looking at it from an objective stand point and only thinking about lining our pockets.

This type of thought process has allowed us to stay away from cutting corners or any indecent behavior whilst conducting business, and we’ve been conducting business for 20 years!

Locksmith London always there for new homeowners

When moving home, there are a number of security matters which need to be addressed. The first such issue is that it’s important to get into the habit of always changes the locks of your new home whenever you move. It sounds paranoid, but the point remains that there’s no way of knowing how many keys were copied for that lock and how many people therefore could have access to your new home. Therefore, as a matter of safety this should always be the first security point addressed when moving home. With locksmith London, we can provide you with prompt services and a minimum of two keys for every lock change we complete. In fact, if you need brand new keys to be cut for your brand new locks, we can arrange to have that done for you. It’s all part of our dedication as a caring locksmith London to ensuring your move is as smooth as possible.

When you move property there is of course the option for you to purchase the locks and install them yourself. While this is possible, it is not recommended as a sensible course of action by your locksmith London. Why risk the possibility of a faulty instalment when you could call your reliable locksmith London to complete a fast, effective and smooth installation at a time convenient to you.

We’ve spent years helping new homeowners find the perfect security solutions. Depending on the area you move into, you may prefer to have a wider range of security measures in place. As a complete locksmith London, our team of helpful experts are there with you every step of the ways to assess the needs of your property. We can complete a security survey and highlight any potential weaknesses your property may have. If it transpires that you need or would like a new alarm system, our dedicated locksmith London team can have your property wired and ready to go sooner than you’ll believe. Call us today to see what we can do for your brand new home.

Locksmith London We’ll To You, Fast

Here at locksmith London we don’t like to keep you waiting about. We know from experience that getting locked out is no fun and it can seem to come at the worst time, sometimes our customers have locked pet, or children in the house. Or in less serious but still relevant situations some people phone us with very low batteries on their phones. This is why we make sure we always have a member of our excellent team for you to speak to about getting an emergency locksmith out to you. Our average phone call takes a couple of minutes, and after we take a few details from you about where you need help and what type of lock you have, we’ll send you one of our team who will leave as soon as you hang up the phone.

Locksmith LondonWe won’t make you talk to automated messages, this is because we know you want to move on fast and our excellent advisors are fully trained in finding out the relevant information we need to quote the job whilst being super fast to process the jobs so there isn’t a single delay from you putting the phone down to one of our guy leaving and being on their way to you. If you’d like to talk about any of our services or maybe you’d like to know the estimated waiting time today, then don’t delay, call us today and we’ll be happy to help you on your way to getting back in your house. We’re not out to get you, just out to get you in!

Locksmith London – Anti Snap Locks

If you have a UPVC door and you’ve never had the original locks changed, you could be at risk of burglars breaking into your home. And not even your hi tech movie burglars either, the technique of lock snapping doesn’t require any specialist equipment or any particular skill set, just a pair of pliers and a screwdriver and a criminal can be in your house in no time. So how does it work and how will I know if I’m at risk?

Good question, well lock snapping has been around for a number of years and is used on UPVC doors to gain access to London anti snap lock swiftproperties relying on a manufacturing fault with the original cylinders that were made for these doors when they had just came out. And anyone with an original lock on their UPVC door could be in danger. Firstly a theif will pull the cylinder from it’s sleeve with some pliers and continue to violently shake the cylinder until it snaps, and due to the most vulnerable point on the cylinder being next to the mechanism meaning once snapped all the burglars have to do is manipulate your mechanism with their screwdriver and bang, in your house with a matter of minutes.

Your local locksmith London can come and fit anti snap locks to any London address at a competitive rate. Anti snap locks work by moving the vulnerable part of the lock to the front of the cylinder meaning when the robbers try to break in using this technique they will be left red faced. Call our lines today and find out what we can do for you! Don’t delay, you could be saving your personal belongings and your family.

Locksmith London helping you understand your secure aluminium door

It may seem unsurprising that the majority of customers your local Locksmith London are residents who require services to be performed on or at their domestic property. However, due to our position in the centre of London, despite being mobile locksmiths London, we also receive a large number of calls from commercial customers, requesting our services to fix and emergency or book in some routine work.

Your locksmith London has previously spoken at length about the security requirements and issues associated with the two most common doors: wood and UPVC. However, very little time has even been put towards discussing aluminium doors, which are very common on both shop and office doors.

There are a large number of locks which are suitable for aluminium doors, however what is correct depends on the exact specifications of your door, as well as your budget and security needs. In overview, the most common installations tend to require either a deadlocking night latch or hook bolt lock. As may be apparent, aluminium doors can be similar to UPVC doors in that there exists both a mechanism on the inside of the door, and a cylinder or barrel which attaches to the mechanism.

As such, if you find yourself locked out of your property it is relaxing to know that in the worst case scenario, it’s likely that only the cylinder or barrel itself will need to be replaced. This means no need worrying about expensive costs or damaging the exterior of your aluminium door lock. As with other types of doors, all your locksmith London engineers are fully qualified and always prioritise non-destructive entry to ensure your security is maintained to its best ability. Our locksmiths are always available and can give free quotes for all works requested, no matter whether you may think they seem big or small.

Locksmith London Fast Response Times

Here at locksmith London we’re dedicated to making it as easy as possible to get a locksmith out to your house in an emergency, locksmith London never hangs about when there’s someone locked out in London, we have over 20 years experience with locks and lock outs, so we’re the perfect people to get you back into your home if you’re locked out in the London area, call swift locksmiths, our prices are competitive and our response times are great, even if it’s not an emergency we’ll get to you the same day for no extra cost. Locksmith London don’t charge call out fees liker other companies, we’ll just charge you for the work!Locksmith London

Locksmith London works tirelessly around the clock to ensure the people of London are never stuck for someone to call in an emergency lock out situation, you can always rely on locksmith London to get you through it. No matter what lock or door, locksmith London will be able to deal with it and get you back up and running again, lock outs can be be annoying especially if you have somewhere to be, don’t worry, locksmith London will be there in a jiffy after one brief phone call with our office staff,  you could heave one of our specialist locksmith team on their way to let you back in in no time. Locksmith London call today and see if we can’t get you back in your home in no time.

Locksmith London Your Local Anytime Locksmith

Locksmith LondonHere at locksmith London we realise that a lock out can happen at anytime and any place, and one thing we know for certain is that they are always inconvenient. But they don’t have to be anymore. With Locksmith London we can get out to you in record time to deal with any lock troubles or lock out situation you may find yourself in to then make it a thing of the past, today. Call now and speak to our trained office advisers who will be able to provide information on all the great services that we provide and all of the prices we charge for those services.

Locksmith London aren’t just competitively priced, we’re also fast response locksmiths and we’re ready to come and take care of any locksmith troubles you may have whether at work or at hime. We’ll be there when you feel like all hope is lost to take care of any issues regarding locks that you might have.

We’re your local competitively priced locksmith for now or at a later time to suit you. All of our guys are well experienced as well as having all the to make any lock out situation emergency or otherwise a thing of the past. Locksmith London is here 24/7 365 days a year with advisors and locksmiths on hand to get you back up and running with your day. We’re your local fast response locksmith for the London and surrounding areas, anytime you need a locksmith don’t call any old locksmith. Call locksmith London Today!

Can a locksmith London installer help me find affordable and easy to use home security?

Of course with the right provider at your side, there is no security situation that cannot be improved upon in an affordable way. No matter what type of numbers you are crunching or what type of budget you need to fit your lock upgrades and alarm installation into. Skilled locksmith London workers will always assist you both with installation to guarantee the validity of the product. As well as with finding the product that will bring the highest level of security to your personal situation.

Simple and intuitive home security with a swift locksmith London adeptGet in touch with technicians who have years of training and experience by contacting a local locksmith London crew to you. The number you need are to be found above. And the service you desire is just that simple phone call away. A locksmith London installer, trusted, reliable and affordable is available to assist you in your home security improvement at all hours and at any time. By calling us now, you will have the installation you need right away, or when it fits into your day planner.

Advice is available over the phone. Quotes for what you need is of course also always available. And with the flexible knowledge on locks, keys and security systems for your home that is found with us. You’ll never be without the right e4x parties 4ce for improvement. Get in touch now and get safe and secure with us today. Other home security features such as safes installations, security bar installations and more is also available.

Locksmith London services who care for their customers are available to assist with the installations and the product guidance you need. We study the field, research and bring you the best of what is out there, so that you don’t have to. Through dedication we keep prices low. Security, for a skilled locksmith London installer can be made affordable and applicable to anyone.

Locksmith London Get To You Fast

We here at Locksmith London are all about speed and accuracy, and here at locksmith London we’re dedicated to providing the people of London with the locksmith and emergency locksmith services they’ve needed, when they’ve needed them. We don’t mess around and we’re constantly working around the clock to ensure there’s no one locked out in London for too long. We’ve got over 20 years experience and that makes us confident that we can deal with any type of lock out or lock in or any other issue with any doors or locks that you may have!

Locksmith London

All of our staff are fully trained to our insanely high standards, so you know that we’re sending you a worker capable of great locksmith work, and that’s not it! We don’t just train anyone how to break peoples locks, all of our locksmiths are fully CRB checked and vetted before being able to work with us.

Call today and ask us about any of the services that we offer. You’ll be put straight through to one of our trained advisors and then we’ll attempt to guide you through your call as quickly and as painlessly as possible. We won’t make you talk to automated messages, and we won’t put you on hold for half a day waiting to speak to someone, all of our office staff will know anything you need to find out from them, it’s what we expect of them!

Locksmith London Home Insurance

When it comes to locks it’s important that your home is protected with the right British standard locks so if you were ever to be burgled your insurance would cover you, if you haven’t got these locks and you get burgled, then your insurance can refuse to pay out. So how would you know if your locks are British standard or not? Depending on what sort of lock you have you can usually tell if a lock is British standard when it has something called a British kite mark. Seen in the picture on the right, usually engraved on a visible part of the lock. This mark means that the lock had been tested up to the British standard of locks and security, which means that your insurer will cover you if you get broken in to.

But how many British standards are their and do they all need to be adhered to? There are several different British standards, but they all relate to different types of locks, these are the main ones to look out for;

  • BS3621 – This covers all mortise and cylinder locks where a key is required to unlock both sides, this standard means that unless the key is in the lock this lock is secure against intruders.
  • BS8621 – This relates to locks that need keys on entry but not on exit. usually with a thumb tab on the inside, these locks are used in lats and apartment buildings assuring emergency exit is always possible without needing a key.
  • BS10621 – This covers locks that can only be locked from the outside, they can be unlocked from the inside with out a key, unless locked by the key from the outside

Your locks will usually list the British standard they hold up to on the packet of the lock but you can always look for the kite mark if you haven’t got the packaging.

Locksmith London

What is a mortise lock?

locksmith london sash lockWhen purchasing a house, it’s important to understand the types of locks that are on the access points to your property. After all, you need to know not just how secure your property is, but also the locks that you are likely to need to replace once you move in. As most lock professionals would recommend too, this locksmith London suggests that all new homeowners should change their locks on arrival as standard.

So what type of locks do most doors have? Whilst UPVC doors are providing popular, especially on new build homes, the most common type of door in the UK is still the wooden door. Wooden doors tend to have one of, or a combination of, either a cylinder rim lock or a mortise lock. The former has proven popular ever since its creation as it’s cheaper to produce and easier to fit. However, this locksmith London does not recommend such a lock, usually a Yale latch lock, in isolation. Whilst they are cost-effective, they can leave properties vulnerable unless they’re supported by a mortise lock.

A mortise lock, or deadlock as it’s otherwise known, is the more traditional lock with a traditional keyhole shape. These have made a comeback in recent years and it is now not uncommon for home insurance providers to request their presence on a door as standard in order to validate your policy. The most common request from home insurance companies is for the mortise lock to have either 5 levers or be British Standard. This is a mark of quality and makes it for more difficult for criminals to break through. No matter where you request our services across London, you will always find that your locksmith London fits British Standard mortise locks as standard. Call us today and we can provide you with an accurate quote to match the level of security you require.

Locksmith London Different Types Of Locks

Here at locksmith London, we have over 20 years experience in dealing with locks and lock outs, whilst we come across many different types of locks, there are three that are the most commonly dealt with and used in England in general. We’ll start with the types of locks and then tell you where you’re most likely to find these types of locks for example what doors etc. Locksmith London

The most common types of lock that we deal with are the euro cylinder, the night latch, and the mortise and the most easiest way to tell them apart fro each other is to look at the keys. On a euro cylinder or a night latch the key is what we’d describe as a small flat key, and on a mortise what we’d call a longer L shaped, skeleton looking key. We use this information on the phone to decide what tools to bring and how much the jobs cost. Euro cylinders are usually found on UPVC doors while nigh latches and mortise locks are more commonly found on wooden doors.

Both night latches and euro cylinder locks are very easy to drill through, while mortise locks can take longer due to the heavy duty requirements of the British standard mortise test BS3621, which requires the mortise lock to be very sturdy and virtually impenetrable without a key. For any pricing on our mortise or our cylinder locks, just give one of our trained advisors a call on our phone line, or if you’re locked out why not give us a call and see if we can’t get someone on their way to your home in a matter of minutes.

Know your security with a local locksmith London

locksmith london upvc doorWith the busy lives that people lead, no one can expect to be a master at everything. As the saying goes, there a lot of people who are a jack of all trades and a master of none. When it comes to common problems and jobs that we undertake around our homes, it seems most receive the requisite minimum attention apart from our security. This is arguably the most important thing within your home, otherwise it may as well be a public building owned by the local authority. Our team of locksmiths are surprised that many people can complete basic electrical and plumbing jobs in their own home, but very few people fully understand the basics of their security. If you understand your home security you will be able to secure your property more as you will know the warning signs of when things might be going wrong and you need the help of a professional locksmith London.

Most homes have either a wooden door or UPVC door. This is important as it determines the type of security that is likely to be on your door. If you have a wooden door you are likely to have a Yale latch lock and possibly a mortise lock too, which is the one with the traditional keyhole shape. Then if you have a UPVC door you will have a euro cylinder lock which connects to an internal multi point locking mechanism which is the part with the hooks which secures the door into the wall.

So what are the common problems which affect UPVC doors? If you’ve found that your key won’t enter the lock or will enter but won’t turn, then it’s likely that you have a problem with the euro cylinder lock itself. It’s possible that upon inspection your locksmith London may be able to repair this if there’s something in the lock. Otherwise, it is likely the lock itself will have to be replaced. Similarly, if you realise that your handles or the euro cylinder lock is spinning, then it’s highly likely that there is a problem with the internal multi point locking mechanism. If this is the case then if it’s caused by a specific component and this can’t be repaired or replaced, then the whole mechanism will need to be replaced.

By understanding your security you can be more informed of the likely causes and solutions that may afflict your locks.

What can a locksmith London tell me about digital locks?

These days it’s important to have diversity in your locking mechanisms. Your expert locksmith London recommends installing digital door locks on your property, especially if you own commercial premises. Digital door locks are not only convenient and fast to open, but there’s no need to cut keys! This means you can have as many or few people as you desire to have access to a particular door. This is particularly convenient if you have a large office!

One of the most practical features of the digital door lock is that it can be reprogrammed at any time. As a local locksmith London, we receive regular calls from landlords wanting to change the locks on their property once the previous tenant has moved out. However, the benefit of a digital lock installation by a London locksmith is that you can simply reprogram the lock whenever you like. That means that if tenants leave, or members of staff no longer work for you, all you have to do is enter a new code manually and you have successfully secured your property again. This saves the hassle of having to have keys cut by a local locksmith London and also results in costs savings too!

In the last few years, the security industry has made a greater turn toward the use of high-tech security locks. One particular example is that of biometric fingerprint readers. It goes without saying that these locks are incredibly secure, but they are not without their difficulties if the reader breaks and can be fairly expensive. Digital locks tend to last a lot longer and their operation is a lot more straightforward than the more high-tech locking mechanisms. If either of these types of locks interest you, you should call an experienced locksmith London who can provide you with an accurate quote for any product you have in mind and give you information on how long you would have to wait for a successful installation.

Business security from a skilled commercial locksmith London

locksmith london commercial security high-tech biometric lockWhen people think of a local locksmith London, the usual services they think of concern their property. Of course, everyone always has one eye on their domestic security. After all, our homes are where we come to relax with friends and family; it’s where we store all our possessions; and most of all, it’s where we feel safe.

The needs of homes are not the only needs addressed by our expert lock technicians. After all, they’re not the only properties that need protecting. Also serving the fantastic local businesses that support our local and wider economy, this commercial locksmith London is fully trained and highly qualified to carry out locksmith services on a wide range of commercial premises.

It’s important that a local commercial locksmith London is skilled in these ways. After all, manufacturing, commercial and warehousing properties all require industrial strength locks and security systems. As such, a higher grade installation is required from more experienced hands; something which this expert security team are more than capable of addressing.

While protecting our homes is important, it’s more often than not that the goods and equipment stored at commercial premises are worth a higher value and so it is important and lock engineer carries out their work to a high degree to ensure security is maintained. Locks need to be fitted on every door in a premises, which can be time and financially consuming, but an expert locksmith London has all the skills to ensure that any installation can be done quickly and effectively, with any time savings passed on to the customer by way of a cheaper price.

After work is completed, we put in extra time to ensure that all locks are functioning and can arrange a repeat visit in urgent time should anything go awry. Biometric and other high-tech security systems are also fully tested so that should anything go wrong, they will never pose a danger to any occupants. We also ensure that all installations at commercial properties are carried out in accordance with insurance policies to ensure it’s not just your property, but also your purse, that are fully protected.

Comprehensive security from a skilled locksmith London

locksmith londonThese days, most know the importance of protecting their home. After all, it’s where we keep our most prized possessions and the place we expect to feel safe at night. The importance of protecting your home should be kept in mind when ensuring that the number of your local locksmith London is kept in your phone book at all times. Like all professional locksmith London, the team of skilled lock engineers based all across London have years of training in helping people protect their homes.

The perfect way your locksmith London can help you protect your home is through fast and effective emergency call out services. Most properties have one, or a combination, of a mortise lock or a cylinder lock – most likely a Yale lock. All our professional lock engineers are fully stocked with British Standard locks to ensure you have proper, effective security for your property, as well as the standard of security required by most insurance providers. If you need a new mortise lock or a eurocylinder replacement, you will find that fast, effective security can be obtained for a reasonable price no matter what time of day you call.

What’s more, your expert London locksmith is also able to assist you with fresh lock installation for whichever type of door you may have. Of course, what security is available to you does depend on what type of door you have. UPVC doors are more limited in secure additions, but a locksmith London can provide any type of advance, anti-snap and anti-bump eurocylinder locks that you may be after. No matter the quality of security you’re after, all locks installed are British Standard meaning you receive an effective level of protection. Wooden doors are more flexible and can have a number of different locks installed. We recommend that all properties should have a nightlatch lock and deadlock fitted as standard. If you’re property is missing one of these, your local locksmith London can provide a fresh installation for a reasonable price at a time convenient for you. With no damage to your door or property guaranteed, you will find it hard to come across a more skilled locksmith London.

A skilled locksmith London professionals view on the pressing current need for home alarm installations

The state of the world is no doubt worsening on some front. Although in the midst of technological advancement and a free global market. Causing industries to flourish. There are also some security issues to address. Also applicable to your home security. Ask a lock and alarm locksmith London specialist for advice on how you can make yourself safer at home. This article is not here as a scare tactic, but only to help and alert you to the risks that you may be facing which you needn’t.

Get your pressing locksmith London security need seen toWith the right locksmith London technician, lock checks, security inspection and alarm installations are affordable and easy to acquire. To book in today. Speak to us now via the above number. Our lines are manned for your convenience 24h a day. And if your need is a home security or a business requirement. A professional in locksmith London areas are no doubt the best alternative and option.

By calling on those who have experience in the field. Those who work closely with homes, businesses and all types of security technology and equipment is your best bet to have a good locksmith London security situation put in place. High security door locks, window locks and latches. Five lever mortise locks to validate insurance. With a locksmith London installer, there is no stone left unturned when it comes to your security. Home or office. Efficiency is the middle name of locksmith London services who are up to date with the market and with the demand. You can rely on us, a trusted provider in the locksmith London region to see to all your needs at your convenience.

Cost-effective solutions with a professional locksmith London

The locksmith profession isn’t as simple as there being a one-size fits all approach to protecting properties. Each one is different and the access points to each vary meaning you need to be sure you can rely on an expert, highly-trained locksmith when you need one most.

Patio doors can unfortunately be a very vulnerable point of entry for your property. As a locksmith London, we’ve had countless calls from across the city from customers concerned by news that patio doors can simply be lifted out of the rails and their hinges allowing easy access to unwanted visitors. While sliding patio doors are a stylish addition to any property, the reports aren’t wrong in that they can be easily accessed by someone with the right tools and the wrong attitude. However, they can be very easily protected by making a small investment. Installing an anti-lift patio door lock is just the protection your door needs. This keyless locking system prevents the patio door from being lifted out of the rails and removed with ease. In fact, if someone tried to do that the angle of the lock and the locking mechanism itself would cause the anti-lift lock to tighten and make it even harder to remove. As Swift Locksmiths London have always believed, protecting your home really doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.

Maybe you just want a deterrent for your property? There’s a wide range of cost-effective measures you can take, but none are probably more cost-effective than the placing of a sign in your window. Some of our customers opt for signs warning outsiders to the presence of CCTV (whether it exists or not) and some prefer to put a ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ sticker in their window. Both signs have been proven to effectively reduce crime and deter criminals. Of course, you still need to ensure you adequately maintain your home security, but it’s good to have measures which prevent unwanted visitors from even taking another look at your property.c

Can a skilled locksmith London specialist help me with my security choices?

Known for great advice and being with the present market. The skilled engineers with us are ready to assist, guide and help you find the right products to suit your needs at the industry market. In security, what products that are available are constantly shifting and changing, just as what is considered to be up to date and high security. It can be confusing for the home owner, business start up or lock novice who is not yet familiar with the high turn over.

Pick the right security lock for your situation with profeessional locksmith London repair and installersSpeak with specialist locksmith London technicians who have experience in dealing the the fast changing climate. Who can help you pick the locks, keys, latches, security bars, CCTV and other features for your property that you are after. There is nothing that beats experience at your side when it comes to creating a long lasting and highly secure situation for yourself.

Both available for home use or business needs. Specialist locksmith London installers and advisors are ready at your disposal. We fit into your busy schedule, and work with your individual requirements. Businesses vary as homes vary. One security feature which may be very effective and applicable to one set of security, lock and budget circumstances may not be applicable to another. To find the right locksmith London solution for you. Speak to the right locksmith London crew of professionals as soon as possible.

The reason we stress the speed, is that lapses in security leave you vulnerable and burglars are fast to spot vulnerable homes or businesses. Get in touch with trusted locksmith London specialists now for the affordable, fast and professional security advice and installations you need now.

Can a locksmith London door security specialist help me with my upgrade?

To have a second look at your door security is a great idea. Especially now that your business has been booming for a while, or now that your home has been established for a time. It’s been a few years since last the locks, chains and letterbox got a bit of love and attention. If you need help with your security upgrade plans, ensure you contact a trusted locksmith London specialist. One with the right reputation, the right skills, and the right prices.

High security lock upgrades from locksmith London specialistsOne such local locksmith London expert can be found utilizing the number above. Here we welcome a discussion on door security, as it is both our hobby and our passion. Your security matters to us, and door security is a topic not discussed often enough. At least not if you ask the skilled and highly trained locksmith London specialists who reside with us.

Business requirements differ from home requirements, but for us, any inquiry is welcome as we specialise both in home security and in business security. Though our intuitive security surveys which are available to book in though a quick phone call. Which are cheap and highly advisable. We can help you find the right security features for your door at home.

A locksmith London door security specialist will be able to help you with a full new installation, or simply with additions to what is already in place. Again, each home or each business requirement is individual to the door in question. We know door security, and ours is the crew to contact for supreme service. At your convenience. A locksmith London door security specialist will be able to help you with exactly what you need, including precision installation. The installation part is important as a misalignment or a bad installation job can implicate the security provided by the door or the security feature.

How can a locksmith London professional add to my door security at home?

There are a range of great security features and choices which will add to your door security. Each door is different and of course the door that you are looking to add security to, plays a great role in picking what security is suited for the situation. Locksmith London service professionals will always advise you on the door in question, and if you would like to have your door security checked. Give us a call and a skilled locksmith London door security specialist can have a look at your door now.

Door security additions of a new generation from locksmith London installersFrom the installation of a high security letterbox on your front door. An additional child or a high security latch for your backdoor. Or if it’s to do with your other entry points. Such as window latches or emergency exit security. Ensure that the locksmith London professional that you have helping you out, is one that is relied upon and respected in the area. Speak to our skilled and trained crew at any hour, by calling the above number. Front door, back door, fire door, business entrance with multiple access and electronic locks. There is no lock or door security situation that the highly specialized locksmith London installers can’t assist with.

Door security is important, as the first point of contact for any one who is looking to gain access. Advice, tips and guidance in what you should add to your door in order to make it more secure is available from our locksmith London advisers act convenient times for you. Call now and find our competitive rates and our wide range of services that suit you both as a private person or as a business. Don’t be scared to ask us anything about door security. And remember that a skilled locksmith London professional is always here at hand to assist you to your idea door security situation.

What are the pros and cons of keyless entry systems?

In recent years the option of going keyless have had an upsurge on the home security market. The thought of controlling access remotely and being able to go about your day without a large dangle of keys off your belt is also appealing.

If you are considering going keyless and are wondering what the pros and cons of keyless entry systems are. Our professional technicians would like to share our view of the benefits and disadvantages of a keyless system.

Pros and cons of keyless systemsWith a keyless entry system there is no worry about losing keys. Your purse might be lighter, and you can let your friends into your house before you arrive home. All key related issues are of course removed. No keys snapping in locks. No spares going missing. No hidden keys in the garden at risk of being found by burglars.

A keyless entry system is no doubt part of a new age. It operates and feels like a high tech home. With the control in your hand, often though a smart device.

Although there are many pros of a keyless entry system. There are also cons. With the technology being new all of the disadvantages are not yet known. For instance if a code is used for entry, the risk of a thief getting their hands on it is there.

Another major con of keyless entry systems lie in their reliance on power. There are some varieties which come with backup power. But this drawback puts your door at risk for a break in. But may also cause you to become locked out of your own home.

Speak to our professionals about your security today. And find out if a keyless entry system is something that you would want to have installed. Call us at any time.

All hours service

Door keysSwift Locksmiths London provide a 24 hour locksmith service that cover London and the surrounding areas every single day of the year they deal with all types of lock fitting, door opening and key cutting. They can offer comprehensive Security Advice as well as giving exact quotes for smaller jobs over the phone. Offering security upgrades such as high security locks on all the access points on your property whether it is commercial or residential. We can also deal with installing or reprogramming digital locks to make sure that the access to your property is more restricted or we can install a high security five lever mortise so that you can be in line with your insurance policy. There is no job too big for these locksmiths so if you have snapped a key in your lock or your home has been burgled and you need all your locks changed in the middle of the night, Locksmiths London are the service you need. Providing a incredible locksmiths in London and the surrounding areas if you are unsure if they are in your area give us a call and we can offer you a security solution over the phone as well as a quote for smaller jobs and a quote for larger jobs. With a tight knit team of quality locksmiths working tirelessly to provide an excellent round the clock service Locksmiths London are proud of the security solutions they can offer their customers whether the property is business or residential, whether the job is done at 11 am or 1 am they pride themselves in good customer service and incredible security upgrades. You can give them a call any time day or night for security advice. So call them today to see if they can provide a fast, sensible and affordable security solution for your property today.

Exterior presentation and security with your swift locksmith London

Security presentation to the highest standard with your swift locksmith LondonTo create a great and solid security situation is both important and something which is often mistaken as a costly venture, when there is a large range of products and security features which are both effective and affordable. The most common issue is that people simply don’t know about it. Having a look at the market of security gadgets today it’s easy to assume that there is only low quality budget options, which is simply not true. By getting in touch with your swift locksmith London at any time, you will find the direction you need to find the right products to suit both your situation and your budget. With an expert guys who have trained and worked for many years within the industry it will be both simple and effortless. By trusting a swift locksmith London with your security choices and needs you will never go without the protection.

Questions on the subject can always be brought to the crew at any time, calling the number above will put you in touch with an expert who will be able to help you with all your lock inquiries. The security tip of today is to keep your exterior and the presentation of it in mind. By taking action to make your home look secure, and though adding vital key points of security, like extra security for your doors and windows, outdoor lights and locks for your outdoor buildings you will also put many potential burglars who would have considered your home a target were it not for the great security features in place. Your swift locksmith London can help you with strong defensive strategies which are gentle with your budget and present a strong security setting outwards working as a deterrent.

Guaranteed Access fast with your swift and ready locksmith London service

If you are currently stuck with an urgent need on your hands, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now, the guys and girls welcomes and is ready for your call at any time and can be on the way to your emergency lockout scene at a moment’s notice.

With great understanding haste is always made to where you are, we understand how stressful and emotional it can be to be locked out when time is of the essence. Your swift locksmith London

Guaranteed fast access with your swift locksmith London

employs a practice in which readiness is included, meaning that your issue is never far off the solution if you have the number for us here in your pocket. Even if your need is not of an urgent nature,

a locksmith London service prides themselves in the fast delivery of services we have, and if you call now you can find out more about what it is that you need or book in straight away on the phone for the service you know you need. Either way, a conversation on your security is something considered a pleasure and a delight for the hard working and highly trained locksmith London service, so never have hesitation in calling us, your questions and inquiries are

welcome here, at any time, and to nudge you in the way of choosing this dedicated work force for all your inquiries, remember that the swift locksmith London service is available for all your needs and are highly competitive in price, to ensure that you always get a great deal.

UPVC security with your swift locksmith London specialists

UPVC security with your locksmith LondonThere is no circumventing it, some call it the door material of the future, some call it a synthetic age, the swift locksmith London simply calls it good security. Without a doubt you’ve come across this material yourself, the doors which, at times look a little like wood, but you are sure are not, the white, wood or dark smooth synthetic material framing the windows and doors of many homes today is becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. Your professional locksmith London knows that both the durability and the security of many UPVC doors and windows come with high security benefits.

If you have a UPVC door or windows which you would like to have checked by a professional, making sure that everything is up to standard, call your quick locksmith London UPVC experts now, having a conversation about your door and your windows, your business and your security, is the first step to any long lasting solution for your home and you business security. If you are stuck in the old world with wooden doors, paint peeling, security weaning, why not think a tad extra on the solution together with one of the lovely swift locksmith London members who are always happy to help and advice you in difficult situations of security choices.

Not only can you find all the UPVC help that you require here, but regular maintenance and security checks are available both for your business and for your residence. Make sure that you are up to date with all the security points which you need to be, make sure you that in the simplest way possible with a professional swift locksmith London at your side, this way you keep efficient and can focus on the right parts of running your business and your life instead of worrying over security.

Locksmith London New Lock Installations

Locksmith London offer many great services at competitive rates for the people of London to use as and when they please. One of the lesser in demand services but still a big part of our business is installing locks into doors that haven’t already got locks in them. These are referred to as new lock installations and they require a lot of skill in both joinery and locksmithing.

When installing a new lock our locksmiths need to first position the body of the lock as near to the middle height of the door as possible, then place the lock body against the door edge and mark up top and the bottom of the lock body on the edge of the door. Once drilling three overlapping holes the locksmith must carefully chisel out the remaining wood to make a hole the right shape for the type of lock you’re installing.

Once they have the lock body inside the door the locksmiths will have to make sure the door is aligned properly and that the lock works correctly. After this a hole in the door frame where the sash lock will go will need to be made and the box striker will be fitted and checked. And then if all is well at the end of that process you should have a newly installed sash lock on your previously lockless door, all thanks to Locksmith London.

Your swift locksmith London covering all areas

Your swift locksmith London covering all areas fastTo make sure that you have the services you need when you need them, and where you need them, get in touch with your wide spanning and quick arriving service now. With this one number and this one high quality and high security service you will have everything that you require fast.

Your locksmith London are always willing to go the extra mile for you and with your security and your best interest in mind you will never go wrong with the staff here. Naturally you can ask the workers any questions that you have, and with cheap quotes which are easy to understand any price comparison you would like to make is made simple. Guaranteed competitive prices, great service and security standards to match the best of what is out there today, all from a locksmith London who you can reach at any time, and covering all areas in London you will never have to wait long for help to arrive should your instance be urgent.

For daily needs, repairs, replacements installations, and key duplication call us now and find out how you can have it done as fast, easy and as cheap as possible. The swift locksmith London takes pride in the work that they do and part of that work is to ensure that we can be there for you, when you need it and with what you need. What good is emergency lockout assistance if it arrives too late? Save yourself from future difficult situations with a trusted and recommended swift locksmith London who are always working hard for you.

Secure your front door even more with Swift Locksmith London

Sometimes you may get the feeling that the current security on your front door just isn’t enough. The most important thing for anyone when they’re tucked away safely in their bed at night is to feel secure, after all it’s what contributes to a good night’s rest and has untold health benefits. The same goes for when we’re at work during the day. We all want to feel safe in the knowledge that all are belongings within our property are protected. However, with rising crime rates across the country your local London locksmith receives more and more calls everyday from concerned customers asking how they can improve their home security. Whether your front door is plastic, wooden or composite, there’s almost always something extra you can attach to the door for that added level of security.

A very basic layer of security is a door chain. This is especially important in the event of any unwanted criminal activity in the middle of the night. If an unwelcome visitor attempts to unlock or break your door illegally from the outside, the security door chain will delay their entry substantially and also draw attention to them from either yourself or your neighbours. That way the authorities can be alerted quickly and the criminals detained before any damage occurs to your property.

Another very popular installation is anti-thrust plates. These usually go hand-in-hand with mortise locks on front doors. These are effectively a piece of metal place on the outside of the door frame which prevents anyone from being able to try and jam the lock open. While these are popular, the correct installation requires the correct product and only by having a professional London locksmith examine your property first, will you be able to ensure the right installation which gives the perfect protection for your property. For any queries or concerns regarding further additions to your home security, make sure to call your locksmith London today.


Locksmith London safety Banner Here at Swift Locksmith London we’re happy to announce our new Bike and Road Safety Campaign to help support the local community. We’re all too familiar with the busy nature of the roads and the risks faced by cyclists and road users. The Swift Locksmith London service is frequently driving around the city and adhere to strict and safe speed limits. But we also understand that cyclists and children are particularly at risk of being involved in an accident. We would like to provide children’s high visibility vests per month to schools, charities and organisations working with children as a locksmith London commitment to safety. Apply now.

Dedicated Light Bulb holders

For locksmith London the already made light bulb holders which come with timer and often dimmer capabilities are a very good option if you would like to stay away from any wiring and re-wiring. Instead of getting a timer installed at the wall socket or use a converter, you simply install the light fitting. Often this type of fitting is not something that you can program and work on the being activated due to the light in the room. And a draw back which locksmith London would like to bring up is that they have at times been reported as not working correctly with a lamp shade.

7 day timers

Something swift locksmith London also highly recommends, for utility without complicated installation is the type of timers that come with digital programming which allow for up to a 7 day cycle to be programmed. This means that you can program in something which doesn’t seem programmed, and most commonly this type of timer is just an addition to your plug socket as well and operating on a battery. For locksmith London this would be the ideal choice for quick installation and for programming utility, and therefore higher security value.

What timer to pick?

locksmith london what timer to pickThe decision on what type of timer to get is something that locksmith London are happy to leave up to you, it’s a matter of preference and what is of use in practice for each individual. Regardless of your own choice of light timer, we are advocates for the use of light timers as a security measure. And should you wish to make sure that the rest of your home security is where it needs to be in order to keep you secure as can be, please get in touch with the locksmith London, we are always welcoming the opportunity to assist and help our customers.

Defensive Gardening with a knowledgeable locksmith London

The safety of your home starts where your property starts. While people often think about how to secure their house itself – for example, with high quality locks and security systems – the garden is often overlooked as a potential source of additional security. Our skilled locksmith London experts know that the garden is the first line of defence against burglars and unwanted visitors, and we highly recommend that you consider some defensive gardening! defensive roses locksmith London

As spring approaches we have some great tips as to how you can use your garden wisely. Firstly, consider the easy entry points to your home – the ground floor windows. Windows often have lower quality locks and so are easily targeted by robbers. One way to protect these entry points is to grow thorny bushes underneath them. Our locksmith London team suggest growing a beautiful rose bush, which would both look great and have the added effect of deterring a burglar, as they do not want to get caught up in the thorns of the plant as this would injure them and leave behind evidence.

You can also use hedges to your advantage by planting these around your property, however make sure you use them to close off your garden and not throughout it – hedges in the middle of your garden provide hiding places for potential danger, meaning someone could sneak up on you and your family. Gravel paths are another good defence mechanism as they mean you are able to hear anyone approaching. While it is true that a robber may not walk on the path itself, it is an extra safety precaution that may help.

So when you are gardening this spring and summer, follow our great locksmith London advice and consider your first line of defence!

A secure home with locksmith London

One of the most valuable things which you can ever invest in is your own security and safety. When it comes to the value of your belongings and the safety of your family it is impossible write it down in a strictly monetary way. Locksmith London highly recommends you have a look at the video below, as we very much agree with Lover Your Home, who are the makers of the video on the points they make. Should you require any help in improving your own home security, or if you would like some help with getting any of the security measures taken in the video please feel free to give us a call. On top of fitting what is discussed in the video below we can of course also help you find the best and most secure solution and arrangement. At locksmiths London we also perform professional security inspections, in which we will be able to help you find the highest risk areas for you, and give you advice on how to make sure that you are protected in the best way possible. On our website we are always updating with new home and business security tips. So please keep tuned into the locksmith London homepage for more useful tips and tricks.


Swift-Locksmiths-LogoCWe are a mobile service solution available to anyone, anywhere, any time! Our comprehensive locksmith in the capital service covers all manner of lock issues.  From broken keys in lock barrels, replacement locks after a break in, or simply upgrading from old cylinder locks to brand new, anti-snap locks for your security and peace of mind. We’ve got the network of independent locksmiths and know how to carry out any job. We are a quality London provider, renowned all over the country for our incredible, friendly, low cost service. Unlike other emergency locksmith London providers, we are available 24 hours a day, so before you call any other garage, or emergency service, try us and see if we can beat your best quote! It’s our promise to you to provide the best possible service for the best possible price. Contact us on 0330 22 32 805 or visit the locations from the menu above to access your city directly.


Still not satisfied that we’re the locksmith London for you? What’s more, and where possible, the personnel will usually promise to get to you within the hour! We’ve never come across a job we weren’t able to tackle, it doesn’t matter what the job is, how big or complex, we’ve got the locksmith London network experience and know how, as well as access to and use of the latest security technology, to ensure we get the job done to the highest and most secure standard possible! Stuck on the wrong side of your home or office door? No problem, we guarantee to get you in in no time. We can access, replace or repair all kinds of lock for your residential, commercial or industrial property. We also cover locks on windows!


Snapped your key in the lock barrel? Don’t panic just yet! Our locksmith London service can get you in, and you needn’t worry about damage to your property either when non destructive is possible. Please note that the term “locksmith London” is used to refer to the Locksmith London blog. Swift Locksmiths is a service that puts you in touch with a locksmith. All work is carried out by independent providers and suppliers who work in their own capacity and bill you directly. We select locksmiths who use non destructive entry methods first, because we have respect for your property, just the same as you do. So whether it’s an emergency or you’re just considering an upgrade in security, before you call anyone else, dial now for the affordable locksmith London quality service solution provider you can trust. Call us now.

Getting a professional Locksmith London window grille installation

Unfortunately for many homeowners around London, the rates of burglary have increased considerably and more people are finding themselves the victim of a horrible and intrusive crime. That’s why you should consider an even higher level of security for your home, to look after your family and to keep your precious belongings safe. One security feature that people often don’t consider is window grilles for their ground floor windows. There is a misconception that window grilles are ugly, and make your home look like a prison and uninviting. While they make the home uninviting for burglars, we at locksmith London offer a range of bespoke, strong and beautiful window grilles to suit every sort of property!

window grille installation from your locksmith london

Whether you have a Victorian-era townhouse, or a modern detached home in the suburbs, we have a window grille to suit you! What are the benefits of this additional security feature? Well, most burglars are looking for easy targets – open doors, windows, easy to reach access points. That’s why burglars will enter a property through the ground floor 90% of the time, and why your ground floor windows are a particular risk. The existence of the grilles themselves will easily deter a thief, as there is no easy way for them to get into and out of your property fast. That’s why it’s one of our locksmith London recommended security additions to any home or business. A window grille also means you can have the freedom to open your windows more during the day and night, and let fresh air circulate through your home, which will make your family feel much more upbeat and relaxed. Why not call now for a one-on-one with our talented locksmith London team, who can lead you through the benefits of a window grille for your property today!

What is a locksmith London Security Survey?

With our talented team, the only priority is ensuring the security of every person and property in the locksmith London area. That’s why we are proud to offer a bespoke service, the Security Survey, to each of our valued customers and we find that this service is incredible at improving the safety of any building, large or small, residential or commercial. But what does this service involve? Well, one of our local and friendly locksmith London partners will come to your property and perform a thorough security check for you, which involves a walk through the property both inside and out so that they can get to grips with your individual needs. The professional will check for common issues, such as old or dodgy locks, windows without proper locking systems, blind spots in your CCTV systems, easy ways to trick your alarm system and more. There are many flaws which you may not even realise are a potential hazard for your home or business!locksmith london security survey

Once the survey has been completed we leave it up to you, with no pressuring sales tactics. If you would like our team to fix any problems we have spotted, then you can simply ask and 90% of issues can be fixed there and then! This saves you time and money in the long run. If you would rather wait, then we will give you a bullet list of the issues we have found and allow you to make your own call about how and when to get these fixed in the future. So obviously, a security survey is a great idea for any property owner, and your local locksmith London would be more than happy to provide this service for you at any time of day or night to suit your needs! Contact our team today to find out more.

Local locksmith London helping those who are locked out!

locked out locksmith londonSo you’re locked out. Well, what can you do to rectify your situation? There are a few things you can try, and we at Swift Locksmith London want to help you as far as possible! The first thing you can do is to ask for help. If you have housemates or a neighbour with a spare key, then go to them! They will surely get you back inside your home in no time. Next, if you are renting, why not try calling your landlord? Or if you live in an apartment complex, then stop by your property manager’s office. Both of these professionals should have spare keys to your home, and if you ask nicely they are sure to lend them to you to get you back inside. Once in, you’ll need to get a copy of the key cut for yourself in the future!

If no one has another key, then you can try looking for an open window. Of course, if you do have an open window then you have an even bigger problem than being locked out – your home is at great risk from burglars! Be sure to not leave windows open in the future, but this time it may have helped you more than caused a problem. Now if none of these have worked, it is time to call a skilled and professional locksmith London to help you get back into your home without causing any damage. Some people would suggest trying to remove your doorknob or pick the lock yourself, but this can cause major issues and will often lead to you having to call a London locksmith to repair the additional damage you’ve caused anyway! So simply leave it to the professionals to get you back into your home with ease and peace of mind.


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