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The Locksmith London Opening doors in no time

locksmith fixing door London

At Swift Locksmith London we promise to provide a rapid response to all your lock problems. Our services cover the London area and we have years of experience in the trade that you can put your trust in.

You’d be surprised how many people find themselves locked out with their head in their hands.

However, fear not as at Locksmith London we make it our priority to get to you, as fast as possible, and get you back into your home.

Whatever the lock, and whether on doors or windows, our locksmiths London provide professional service to secure the right solution, and all for a very good price.

Do not panic and do not wait. If you find yourself in a predicament then call us. Locksmith London will provide a swift response as soon as you call and you will be in trustworthy hands.

Locksmith London Near Me

Many people when they are locked out and needing urgent help will be wondering whether they can contact a locksmith near me in London that can provide them with service exceptionally quickly that doesn’t compromise on quality.

We value your time and understand that there is no time to waste when you need a locksmith, especially if you have urgent business to attend to or you have a business or commercial premises which needs to be opened or a repair carried out extremely fast.

Fear not because as a locksmith London who understands the value of your time we can assure you that you will not be locked out for long.

We can be with you extremely quickly to make sure you can open your doors and secure your property in a speedy manner. Such a service is our speciality and our satisfied customers who continually return to us in London agree.

Wondering to get back into your house after you have lost your keys or perhaps snapped the key in the lock? T

his is a special service of Locksmith London: we can get to your premises within 30 minutes usually and provide you with a professional service that will gain access to any door or any lock.

You will want to call a Locksmith London you know is professionally trained, reliable and has the relevant experience in gaining access to any door with mimimal damage or fuss.

Our friendly team will be welcome in the face of your emergency and we will be glad to take the stress of the situation and instead provide you with a solution. Our primary goal to make sure you are in your property fast, so call us today to get started.


Local Locksmith London For Your Every Need


We are proud to have been serving both residential and commercial needs for as long as we have for a fair and competitive price.

We believe that security should be affordable and our services accessible for everyone. Feel good in your home? We would be happy to advise you on a new home security solution that meets your concerns and budget so that you feel safer in your home. Whether this involves the latest security technology, or the cheapest tips and tricks, we can provide something for you today.

Padlock and key

How to Choose a quality Locksmith London

So how do you know that you are getting a fantastic service when a locksmith is coming to open your door well let us advise you on that matter because we have opened many doors.

We have many happy customers who have had problems with their locks as this is a locksmith London job we can provide and there are not many locks or doors that we cannot open.

We are familiar with all the main brands of locks such as Chubb hannam Ingersoll or any other locks that you may have on your premises and we can also deal with all premium locks so if your property is of high value. If you have premium locks such as Ingersoll or Banham then we can deal with all of his eventualities and we carry many of these locks as part of our standard stock so there is no time wasted and you will have your property is secured in no time at all.

Locksmith London for Locked out Customers

If you’re reading this then you might find that you are locked out of your home or business or perhaps you are having problems at your business or commercial premises with the locks.

not worry any longer because call us now and we will arrive to service and repair and replace locks within the hour generally so your business will not suffer as a result of these minor jobs.

With central Locksmith London technicians available to carry out new locks lock access lock out situations and new lock repair there is no reason why in central London there is no job too small or too big for us to do.

We can be there in an emergency when you are locked out and in a panic, or as part of your everyday. We offer security solutions and upgrades to your existing home or business security which we would urge customers to consider.

As burglaries get more sophisticated, it is important to know that your security matches that. So call us today and we can get you a new and improved home security based on the specific weaknesses of your property. Whether your key is snapped in the lock, or you are considering a lock upgrade, need a lock repair or an installation, call us and we will be there when you want us, any time of the week or year, with a smile on our face locksmiths.

Locked out?

open door Locksmith London

Locksmith London are your fast response no fuss, no mess locksmith for the London and surrounding areas. Imagine you have a plumber only to discover that you have lost the keys when there is a flood. We search the area for people in need of locksmith services and can be with you in absolutely no time at all from when you first call.

We are easy to reach at all hours of the day and night as a 24 hour locksmith and can complete all locksmith tasks asked of us.

Here to provide a fully comprehensive locksmith service for you at your home or at your workplace with no messing around. We’ll have you back up and running with your day and forgetting about whatever locksmith problem you had us out for.

Here to make sure everything is simple for you from start to finish. Locksmith London promise an easy and professional service from start to finish. We’re competitive on price and we can deal with all types of locks and doors and even windows and other locks, just give us a call and speak to us.

Worst time to get locked out

Winter lockout

Did you know that winter is coming so you need to make sure that you are not locked out. Winter can be the worst time to get locked out because of the freezing temperatures.

That is why as a leading locksmith London we ensure that we are available to hand all hours of the day and all times of the year. Not all locksmiths can provide this level of reliability but we know that when our customers are locked out they want assistance fast.

You can rely on us anytime of the day to be with you so that all your lock needs are catered for.

One aspect of winter, plumber and dark nights that are soon with us and this may increase the vulnerability of properties. Potential intruders are always on the lookout for an opportunity to break into properties in the London area.

You need to make sure that you are not one of the unlucky property owners who is targeted and suffers a loss as a result of poor security. Let your trained locksmith London fit new locks and security measures to ensure that you are safe. Do not become the next victim of crime in London.

As a seasoned locksmith London, we know all too well the effect that weather can have on the materials. So make sure that you call the local locksmith in London to visit your property and check the proper functionality of your doors and windows.

UPVC doors and windows are known to fail in extreme weather due to the nature of the material. Wood, being a natural material that can expand and contract very easily may also cause you problems in winter. The cold can cause locks to become stiff and difficult to open. That is when you need to call the locksmiths London service to get you in fast with no fuss.

Locksmith Near Me

pick lock

Locksmith London near me is your local fast response locksmith for the whole of the London and surrounding areas. No matter the place time or date they can get to you in no time at all and fix any lock issue you might be having.

For a competitive rate and a professional approach to all issues whether big or small we’ll get it fixed for you and fixed for you fast.

We can help you overcome any lock or door issues within your home or at your workplace.

Locksmith London For Lock Outs

door handle

Are you locked out? Do you need assistance right away? Or are you looking for someone to meet you at a specific time to suit your schedule. 

Swift are your fast response emergency and non emergency locksmith for the London and surrounding areas. With over 20 years experience and all the tools and skills to make sure any lock troubles are a thing of the past, today!

Call now and speak to the trained professionals here at locksmith London today and see what we can fix for you!

We offer a competitively priced for your home or your workplace. We can be on site in absolutely no time if that’s what you require.

Competitive prices and fast response times. that’s what makes us your go to locksmith in the London and surrounding areas.

No Fuss, No Mess, Less Waiting

open door

Locksmith London are your local fast response locksmith services for the London and surrounding areas.

Our fast response times and our fast working times are thanks to our years of experience.  Our no fuss no mess work ethic that allows us to fly through our days solving problems as they come and leaving a trail of happy customers in our wake.

Whether you’re at home or at work, whether it’s an emergency or non emergency call out we’ll make sure you get a competitive rate.

You’ll always have someone to call and to talk to about your lock issues. Call now and speak to the professionals.

No Waiting With Us

fix locks

Here at locksmith London we deal with emergency and non emergency call outs non stop days of the year with fast response times. All London and surrounding areas. Don’t mess around and can be with you right away or at a time to suit you. Sometimes people need to call us when they need to access a house that has a roof problem such as a leak.

Whether big or small we can deal with any situation today or at a time to suit you with competitive rates and a no mess. No fuss, professional approach to all emergency and non emergency call outs whatever the roof problem or lockout situation.

Our prices reflect the hard work and dedication put into providing locksmith services for the whole of London  all days of the year.

When Do I Need A Lock Change?

Lock changes may appear to be unnecessary to you. But there are several examples in which you might need a lock change and that locksmith London can help you out in.

Did you know that when you have a snapped a key in the lock or are locked out of your home locksmiths can help you get back inside by changing the lock? This is the fastest and most efficient way of getting you access to your home. And in the process you give yourself a security upgrade.

This is because we don’t change our locks often enough and there may be people who have keys to our home without us knowing.

snapped key lock changes

This brings London locksmiths onto its second point. You might consider or require an upgrade when you have an estranged partner, or a housemate leave the home.

If this wasn’t on amicable terms (and even if it was) if this person was a keyholder we’d recommend getting a lock change.

That person otherwise could have a spare key to your home or have got it copied so they can return and take some of your possessions. Protect your loved ones and your belongings by ensuring that this won’t happen.

Another time you might consider a lock change is if you’re considering a complete security upgrade. Your security is important to locksmiths London and often customers put it on the back burner in terms of importance.

We’d advise you to give yourself the time to check where the weak points in your home are. Is there a gaping hole in your security today or blocked drains?

Your home security doesn’t need to be made up of flashy security cameras and trip wires. It’s about sealing up all the holes where a burglar could gain access. The most obvious point is your front door. Consider a lock change to one with anti-snap locks.

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