How can I be prepared for the winter months?

High security letterbox installations swift and easy

Giving extra thought to your door security during winter times of darkness and high indoor values is important. When the christmas season is arriving, and the present piles are building up, burglars see their opportunity. One way which often is used to break and enter, is through the letterbox. A security London letterbox installer can help you find the high security item you need to keep your door security peaked in these times of heightened risk.

High security letterboxes Fast, easy, and friendly. Our specialists are ready and stocked up to ensure your security as fast and as convenient as possible. Every door should have a secure letterbox which prevents burglars from gaining access this way. This is recommended by security installers. You can have your door checked and upgraded easy and fast with our skilled installers. Above you find the number, and if you are going away to visit friends and family over the winter season, this message applies to you even more.

Keep your home and business secure in your absence, whilst still being able to receive your post without risk. Get your quote, as your high security letterbox questions today. And have the conversation with a locksmith professional about your security now. A security check will help you secure the rest of your premises if you need it, and if you’ve not had your home security checked for a while, or if you need to have an burglar alarm installed before your holiday, our locksmith technicians are fast and ready to help on short notice.

Contact skilled locksmith specialists now for the help you need with your security letterbox or other door security both for business and home needs.

The right time for a security inspection

home security inspectionWith 2017 coming to an end, the smiths here would like to send our best Christmas greetings, and wish you the best for the incoming year. At this time of year many of us, including the locksmith, are busy thinking about what type of new year’s resolution one would like to commit to. With the new year comes new beginnings, now is an ample time to give your home or your business property security some thought. What better thing to commit to than your own future and your own security, not to mention the security and safety of your family. Plus what’s even better, getting on top of your home or business security is not something that needs to take much time, effort or money. Just get in touch with our experienced experts. If you book a security inspection with us we’ll be able to help you identify the risk areas which may need some attention at your property. Lastly we would also like to remind you of the importance of making sure that your home or business security is in line of that with your insurance policy in case catastrophe should strike. With us all your bases covered, and we are happy to come and perform a security survey at a time with is convenient to you. So please feel free to get in touch today!

Christmas Safety and holiday wishes!

london christmas burglarIt’s a busy time of year, and there are many things to keep in mind. And for us, security is something that we would like to add to the list of things to make sure you have checked before Christmas. The reason of course is that the risk of home intrusion is elevated due to that many people are away from home, leaving their property empty whilst celebrating the holidays with their family and friends. This is of course a wonderful time of year, but we also knows that there is only good reason to prepare in order to prevent any unwanted and unfortunate situations. We sees a couple of things which are inexpensive for this type of scenario, one of them is to get some timers for the lights in your home. With a wide range of homes being empty over the holiday season, opportunistic burglars may be searching for targets, placing timers around your home making it seem as if someone is there from the outside is a great way to deter these opportunists. A locksmith who knows, knows that every little deterring factor can play a big role in the choice of target during this season. So make sure you add a couple of timers to your Christmas shopping list, for just a few pounds you can greatly reduce the risk of attack during your time away. Another thing which we recommend you check before you are off to meet and greet those close to you is of course that of an intruder alarm system. If you’ve had thoughts about installing a hole security alarm system, and now is the ample time to take a quick look. We have a wide variety of affordable alarm systems in stock, also of course meaning that they are ready for installation. london merry christmas keyringSo get in touch with anytime, even today, and we can help you choose a security solution which suits you, and on top of that we will come and install it at a time convenient to you. It’s quick and easy, and will provide your home with greatly reduced risk of theft, home intrusion and unpleasant surprises when you arrive back. So make sure you have a relaxing and fun holiday away without worries, locksmith is ready to take your inquiry today. Lastly we would of course like to wish you a great holiday and a very Merry Christmas!

How can a locksmith engineer help me improve security this season?

Locksmith security professionals help you secure your home this seasonYou have every reason to get in touch with skilled security professionals this season. The highest crime rates and the highest rates of burglaries and intrusions are reported during Christmas and New year’s holidays. Additional security is needed, and you do well in contacting a skilled locksmith professional to have your home or business security checked before packing your bags and leaving home.

The investments you make in security is investments for yourself, your peace of mind and of course keeping yourself protected. Averting a difficult situation including both the trauma of being burgled, having someone else, without permission enter your home. Is something that experienced locksmith engineers gladly help you with. In the busy season of the year, buzzing with life, it’s easy to forget the vital little things which will keep you secure. Let locksmith specialists keep these things in mind for you.

Locks, keys and security updates, installations and security checks for your home and business. All done, fast and efficiently, without hassle and at affordable prices. There is no reason to push it forward when it’s so quick and effortless to book in for a security check with lock and key specialists here. To contact a locksmith security specialist before you go away for the holidays is an investment well worth it. It’s fast, easy, and can save you a potential disaster.

Don’t run the risk of a horrid and devastating surprise for your return. Have the alarms, locks and other security features you need installed by a locksmith installer today. Call on the number above, we’re free and ready at all times.