Have a key, lock or security question you need answering?

locksmith aldershot answering security questions

If there is anything with regards to keys, locks or security at home that you are wondering about please feel free to get in touch with your locksmith Aldershot. The team here are of the friendliest nature, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have. And in  addition to that the locksmith Aldershot team are experts in the field, and can provide you with the right solution for you.

Anything from choice all the way to installation and to you having a complete functioning security solution for yourself at home. Even if you  don’t have a specific question to ask, you can always speak to locksmith Aldershot about your own security situation. We are always happy to  give our advice and recommendations and can especially recommend locksmith london near me.

Choosing a fence with for your security

locksmith aldershot hard to climb fenceOne of the highest risk areas for entering your property is of course the garden, and one of the most important things to make sure to have is of course a fence. If you are in the process of choosing a fence for your garden at the time, locksmith Aldershot suggests you give some thought to seeing your choice from a security perspective.

Is the fence easy to climb, how high is the fence, would it be beneficial for me to add perhaps a trellis with some thorny plants on top? These are questions which your locksmith Aldershot can help you find the answers to. However we also understand the need to find something that suits well with your building and with your own preference and style.

Aldershot Locksmith Student Security Advice

For most students locking doors, shutting windows, hiding important and valuable items is all part of their routines, particularly as those items hold precious coursework, dissertations, notes and much more. Quite rightly, when students are one of the highest at-risk groups of crime in the country, targeted for their high-value gadgets and especially in London in which case we’d recommend london locksmiths.

After all, the chance of getting back your laptop, tablet, phone, etc. after it’s been stolen is very unlikely, and getting it back in a state where the data is still retrievable is even less likely. Therefore, it’s important that students are made more aware of how to keep their property more secure.

For example,

Consider taking full details of valuables and/or electronic appliances, making a note of the serial number and ‘identity marking’ everything.

Avoid hiding a key under the doormat, flower pot, wheelie bin or any other obvious hiding places. Burglars are highly aware of this habit, especially in student areas and will often check before attempting to break in, giving them unrestricted access to students’ property and possessions.

Although it’s tempting to leave doors open when it’s sunny, you’re having a party and there’s people coming in and out of your property, this walk-in opportunity accounts for the highest proportion of student burglaries. Be aware of opportunistic thieves, keep valuables hidden in non-obvious places, for example, not under a pillow and not in the sock drawer, remember that a shut door is not a locked door and keep an eye out for mystery guests.

Furthermore, students should take a minute to look up their local licensed locksmith details and store them for an emergency.