Access any time with locksmith Basingstoke

locksmith basingstoke 24 hour serviceHere your emergency lock out is our priority. With an emergency line open at all times you can rest assured your emergency will be resolved fast and easy. At locksmith Basingstoke we take pride in being able to provide you with a quick response time and guaranteed help in your times of need.

Our team will be on site equipped to handle any lock out situation, all you need to do is give us a call. And with priority on non destructive access methods we can resolve many situations without damage to the locking mechanism, meaning that if you have spare keys for it does not need to be changed. However, in the case of you having lost your keys, locksmith Basingstoke recommends a the locked be changed to keep security and especially if in the city, so call reliable london locksmith.

New fence thoughts with a security expert

locksmith basingstoke home fenceIf you’re planning on changing or renewing your fence this year, we would like to offer a suggestion of something to keep in mind. As we here at locksmith Basingstoke often see things from a security point of view, and would like to suggest that you give a thought to security as well.

There are of course fences which are easier or harder to climb, and of course there are different varieties in height and design.

What locksmith Basingstoke would like to point out is that avoid any fences with easy stepping posts for climbing, and perhaps if you go for a lower type of fence, it’s a good idea to add a trellis on the top.

Holiday Security Checklist

Planning on skipping the January blues? Here’s our checklist for a secure home while you’re away on holiday.

  • Leave trusted neighbours and friends with your contact details, a spare set of keys and the code for your home alarm system.
  • Arrange for someone you know well to move your car around, open and close curtains, turn lights on and off, or anything that makes it appear as if someone is home.
  • Remove all keys from all locks and hide them securely
  • Secure all sheds, garages, side and back gates, and outbuildings on your property, making sure to lock up and cover any tools, bikes or other valuable equipment.
  • Don’t leave answer phone messages or post Facebook or Twitter messages, for example, that suggest you’re away.
  • Keep valuable items out of view
  • Get in touch with your local licensed locksmith which could be emergency locksmith london for advice on security solutions. They will have expert knowledge on a wide range of ways to make your home a more secure place when you’re not there.