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At Swift Locksmith Bournemouth, we know how inconvenient and frustrating it can be when you find yourself locked out, especially when you’re on a tight schedule. That’s why we promise to provide a fast, quality service time after time, at competitive prices with our cheap local locksmith london. so you can focus on what really matters to you.

A place for keys a tip from the Bournemouth team

swift locksmith bournemouth tip for keysBy making a specific place for your keys, both at home and when you are out and about doing your daily business will always help you find them should you lose them. A locksmith Bournemouth who has been in the industry for long years, know that one of the best methods to keep track of your keys, and to save yourself much hassle and time in search of them is to simply keep good habits for them. Always place your keys in the same pocket or compartment of your bag when you are out and about, simply meaning that you will make this process a routine in yourself, make it habit and place your keys where you always place them without even thinking.

The same goes for where you keep the keys in your home, if you always place them in different locations there are many places to search should you lose them, however a Swift Locksmith Bournemouth knows, that the majority of the times that keys may be lost in the home, they will be found in the place of habit. So why not trust in a locksmith Bournemouth who’s seen enough instances of this scenario, and make a little effort to keep your keys safe and sound, by practising habits and making a specific space for them at home as well.

Of course it happens that keys are lost, and simply cannot be found, and if you need a locksmith Bournemouth emergency lockout service to help you either gain access, or secure your door, please don’t hesitate to call our 24 hour available telephone number and help will be on the way swiftly with one of our team from London locksmiths.

A trusted security expert recommends a fake TV light

locksmith bournemouth fake tv lightThe summer seems to have arrived, and with it, at least for some, with it a sense of travel and exploration has come with it. So if you are pottering on plans including holidays spent away from your home, this humble locksmith Bournemouth provider would like to recommend that you give your home an extra caring thought. Making sure that you leave it in a good way to ensure that you come home to the place which you left.

One of the best and most efficient known methods of deterring burglars and potential opportunists seeing an empty house is to make sure that you have a monitoring or a home alarm system installed. If you get in touch with an experienced home security locksmith Bournemouth expert you can spend your holiday fully relaxed and resting up for the next season. There are a range of different products in stock ready for installation by trusted developed brands which are trusted by those working in the industry. So getting a home alarm system installed is something which takes small amounts of effort and investments, and provides great security and safety.

So come to an appreciated locksmith Bournemouth provider who has the experience and the knowledge needed in order to provide your individual security situation with the best possible solution. And on top of that, with competitive pricing on services and products you will always find a great deal suiting to your home here. So why not speak to a Swift Locksmith Bournemouth home security service today, who can help keep your home safe whilst you are away.

Promoting home security awareness

locksmith bournemouth home security awarenessIf there was ever a time when home security needed to be made a more common subject of thought for home owners, now is the time. The reason this subject is in need of more discussion, is simply because as a locksmith Bournemouth provider sees it, that there are currently many homes across the country which stand unprotected in relation to the threats that are currently out there.

There is no reason for panic if you haven’t given your own home security much time in thought yet, however it is important to know that without proper home security installed, the risk of an unfortunate and in many cases devastating unwanted situation goes up. So what a locksmith Bournemouth would suggest, is that you speak to a professional with regards to your situation. Someone who has the eyes, experience and knowledge to be able to help you towards a better security situation for your property.

Door and window locks with locksmiths Bournemouth

Making sure that the locks on your door is up to date is the first step for many towards a more secure home. And if you require an experienced and quick locksmiths Bournemouth provider to help you with installation at a time suiting to you, please get in touch and book in with Swift Locksmith Bournemouth as soon as possible. New up to date locks are at a low price, quick instillation and of minimal effort for the protection that it provides. This is why any locksmith Bournemouth will always recommend that your door and window locks at home are up to date to battle current common security threats.

If you would like to know more about how you can make sure that the home security at your property is up to scratch, ensuring not only the security of your financial investment in items and goods for the house, but more importantly ensuring that your family is kept protected in the best and most efficient way possible, you should get in touch with a locksmiths Bournemouth provider who is recommended and trusted by customers.

A locksmith Bournemouth to explains Abloy!

swift locksmiths bournemouth abloy lockIf you have ever been investigating any different lock types you may or may not have come across a type called Abloy. This is for a locksmith Bournemouth provider something which you don’t run into every day, as it’s a completely different structure to the most common front door locks in the UK. Do you have any questions with regards to your own locks, on the front, back, conservatory or windows? Please feel free to get in touch with a Swift Locksmith Bournemouth service who you can always trust to bring you the best in security, reliability and usability.

Abloy is a manufacturer which has been around for many years, and uses a different type of disc principle, where alignment of the disks allow the key to turn. If you go to a Scandinavian country there is a big chance that you may run into this type of lock, as they are common, however sights in the UK are much rarer. The longer and perhaps a little bit more familiar name would be Assa Abloy, Assa which you may know and may have seen as a lock manufacturer common to the UK as well.

If you would like to know a bit more about these types of locks from a locksmith Bournemouth provider, please feel free to give us a call at any time, and let your questions sound. If you are interested in learning a bit more you can always visit the WIKI here. Which will give you a good idea of how the mechanism works, and should you ever need a locksmith Bournemouth provider for any day to day or emergency service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


swift locksmith bournemouth travel door stop 1If you are planning on traveling and spending time away from your home, possibly in hotel rooms and B&B’s, or if you perhaps travel regularly, this tip from a locksmith Bournemouth traveler might be for you.

When on the road, you can never be too safe, and we would like to recommend that you get a travel door stop. This is a gadget warmly recommended by many locksmith Bournemouth providers, which will allow you to, form the inside of your room to make sure that there is no easy entry whilst you reside in it. Working on simple, but effective methods, a travel door stop will definitely improve your security whilst on the way.

There arswift locksmith bournemouth travel door stop 2e of course different models, and a wide variety of travel doorstops can be found on the market, what this locksmith Bournemouth service would recommend, is simply that which is most suiting to your needs. Of course the more light weight it is, the easier it will be for you to carry it with you, and if you are a regular traveller it may be useful to choose something in that range, however with just a little more weight you’ll be able to get a heavy duty kind, not easily broken, and not easily bypassed.

Doorstops with Swift Locksmith Bournemouth

Should you have any question with regards to what type of travel door stopper which would be good for you, or if you need to get in touch with one of the dedicated Swift Locksmith Bournemouth team members for any of your day to day, or emergency locksmith needs, please feel free to get in touch with our team today. Our dedicated team is always on standby, and ready to take your call!

And lastly, on the subject of doorstops, please see this article about a lovely antique ceremonial dagger which was apparently used as a doorstop for many years before its value was discovered.


locksmith bournemouth 24/7 open emergency lineTom Jones is always ready to take your call, simply due to the fact that we understand how stressful and difficult it can be to find yourself locked out of your own home or property. These scenarios are never planned for and always seem to happen at the worst time. Not even to mention the current climate which can make a lock out scenario a direct health risk. This is the reason to why locksmith Bournemouth places the highest importance on being able to provide a quick service with guaranteed access for those in need.

So make sure that you save our number should an unfortunate situation crop up.

And with us here at locksmith Bournemouth you can be sure to find the best type of solution for your lock out scenario. We prioritize non destructive methods, and in many of the situations we are met with where the customer has spare keys and does not wish to change the lock we can gain entry without damage to the lock itself. Simply saving you the cost of installing a new lock for your door, however in cases where keys have gone missing locksmith Bournemouth always recommend getting a new lock installed as to make sure that there is no one who can gain access without permission.

Defensive greenery with, a Bournemouth Security Garden tip

locksmith bournemouth thornsWhen it comes to planning your garden, why not take a little tip from the security aware team here at locksmith Bournemouth. From our point of perspective, what we would suggest you add to your list of garden additions this year is that of some plants which will greatly increase your home security. One of Swift Locksmith Bournemouth favourite choice is that of roses. Not only do the provide your garden with colour, beauty and a lovely scent, but it also provides your garden with some thorns and a difficult terrain to easily bypass.

Having something like roses along your fences in the garden, greatly reduce the risk of a burglar choosing your home as a target. This as most thieves are searching for easy targets, and a fence lined with thorny bushes will cause much ruckus which is unwanted from the thieves point of view. Should you require more security gardening tips, why not get in touch with your locksmith Bournemouth team today. We are keen gardeners and always happy to share our security tips and tricks.


locksmith Bournemouth individual style lockThere is nothing to complete the look or feeling of your house like all the little things. At locksmith Bournemouth we understand that the as they say “the devil is in the detail”, and one detail which we see have more impact on the feeling and the look of your house is the detail of your handle and lock on the door. There are a variety of different products available on the market and it’s always in flux, shifting with every season. The highly educated team here at locksmith Bournemouth are also aware of the market, keeping up to date with the latest trends and styles, to be able to advice our customers to the products that suit their taste, as well as their security needs.

So if you are looking for both the practicality of having a secure type of lock to your home, and the aesthetics of a detail that goes flawlessly with your door, and the rest of your home, why not get in touch with us here in Bournemouth today, to be sure to get the latest in trend and materials as well as the highest quality in products. We take pride here at locksmith Bournemouth in the fact that we are aware of style and feeling as well as all the practical side with regards to everything from the mechanical engineering of the lock construction, to the installation process and the final over all look of the locking system in its context of a home. So get in touch with us here at Swift Locksmiths today.


keyman locksmith bournemouthWhen it comes to the education of our staff, and keeping up to date with the industry market, Swift Locksmith Bournemouth take pride in always making sure to keep the highest standards. With regular training, and regular checks to the current market and the latest products and innovations, locksmith Bournemouth are always sure to provide you with the highest standards of security products on the market. When we see a new product on the market, we always investigate it, and if it’s suiting to our customers we will incorporate it in our own good practices using our own long background within the practical and applicable services. So our team is always on top of things, and will provide you with the perfect solution for you and your security situation no matter what it is.

If you are planning an upgrade in security, why not get in touch with locksmith Bournemouth and be sure to get only the latest in technology, the strongest in locks and the best in service and care. All of our friendly team members are highly trained and will be able to help and advice from the start of your project, all the way to the end and locksmith Bournemouth will not leave site until the installation is complete and everything is in order.


locksmith bournemouth vaultAt times one can find oneself in situations which are unexpected. One of the more unfortunate ones which are quite common is when people find themselves locked out of their own property, their own home. At locksmith Bournemouth we understand how stressful facing such a situation can be, and of course if you ever need it our 24 hour emergency lock out service is available. All you have to do is call, and we will be there in record time. However we at locksmith Bournemouth prefers to try and prevent these situations as much as possible, saving our customer’s potential trouble and stress in the future.

So the team here at have put together a couple of tips which you can follow, minimizing the risk of a scenario like this. Firstly we at locksmith Bournemouth recommend that you get a spare key stored with one of your neighbors that you trust, or a friend or family member who can help you get back into your house if you are locked out. Secondly locksmith Bournemouth would advise you to make sure your key is a quality made one, in strong metal so that the risk of breaking the key inside of the lock is reduced. Lastly Swift Locksmith Bournemouth would like to advise you to make sure your lock is up to date with the current modern and mechanically sound locks, that will not get stuck that guarantees years and years of use before any risk of this sort is applicable.


If you have any type of questions on locks, keys, alarms and security we at locksmith Bournemouth can guarantee that you will get the best service and care here. In order to make sure all the staff are up to scratch on the latest technologies on the security market, there are a continues process of education for our team members. We also make sure to always keep up to date with the latest technologies on the market, and the new innovations that come out in the industry are always incorporated in our practices. Locksmith Bournemouth know that the security market is constantly on the move, out of necessity. This is in order to always stay one step ahead of those who hold bad intentions, and it’s important to keep up to date with it, so that we can always make sure that we provide the best security available for our customers.

At locksmith Bournemouth, all the team members are trained and qualified to carry out a range of jobs and installations, in a swift professional manner. As well as keeping the highest standard of quality and care. So if you have type of question, about maybe upgrading your locks, or installing an alarm system, for your house or place of business, please get in touch with locksmith Bournemouth or contact your local police for tips.


If you are in need of anything you can think of in the area of security, locksmith Bournemouth come with very good reputation, and their customers are always happy to recommend them to friends and family. The service you get here is given by the friendly and dedicated team, who are all highly educated in both theory and practice of anything from key cutting to lock installations and the installation of security solutions, both private and for your business.

So whether your questions is big or small, if you get in touch with locksmith Bournemouth with it today, they will give you advice drawing upon the many years of practical experience they have in the industry. As the team is always sure to be kept up to date with the latest products and technologies on the market, incorporating this into the most suitable solution for each individual property, they are also sure to provide you with the best individually tailored solution for your specific situation. So, let the locksmith Bournemouth team take care of the security, and speak to one of the friendly and professional team members today, you can give them a call, or visit the branch.
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Locked out of your car with no spare key and no cover? Before you make an expensive emergency call out, contact Locksmiths Bournemouth and see what we can do for you.  We guarantee to reach local customers in under an hour, and have most jobs done within one hour, so why would you go anywhere else? What’s more, you need never fork out for expensive locksmiths or garages again, with Locksmiths Bournemouth’s 24 hour promise, you can call on us any time of day or night and best of all, there’s NO CALL OUT CHARGE. Whether you need to get back in after a lockout, or simply need your locks replacing, Ours is the number to call. There’s no lock we can’t handle.


We know that gaining access to a lock is not always straightforward business, for example if your key snaps in the lock barrel and renders the lock inaccessible, we cannot access it in the usual way. However, at Locksmiths Bournemouth we understand that you care for and respect your property, so as professionals, we strive to do the same. Therefore Locksmiths Bournemouth promise to use non damaging methods of entry ALWAYS where possible.


At Swift Locksmith Bournemouth, we are aware of ever advancing technology and the need to move with the times. For us, security a priority for all our customers. Whatever you need securing, be it a safe, house, vehicle etc, Locksmiths Liverpool will use state of the art technology to ensure your property remains as secure as possible.


Locksmiths Bournemouth lock technicians are trained to the highest standard, and have the know-how to complete any job, no matter how big or small. We can service all types and sizes of lock, providing you with a comprehensive service that is unbeatable in quality.
Concerned about cost? Locksmiths Bournemouth offer a fantastic service at extremely competitive prices. So even if you’ve already called a garage or another locksmith for a quote, Call Locksmiths Bournemouth, and don’t decide before you do! We guarantee to beat most quotes from other Locksmiths.


Are you worried about the quality of your old cylinder locks? Call Locksmiths Bournemouth for peace of mind and let us secure your residential, commercial or industrial properties with brand new anti-snap locks. We use only the best security to keep you as safe as possible.
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