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At Locksmith Brighton we know that quality is important. Locksmith Brighton offer a comprehensive, outstanding quality locksmith service at virtually unbeatable prices including to plumbers or any trades that want to use us.


locksmith brighton relax this christmasOne of the biggest factors in deterring potential burglars who might be on the prowl for a good property to target this Christmas is a monitored home or business alarm system. The locksmith Brighton team know that although those who are out to steal are often also careful with choosing their targets.

It’s logic that a potential burglar would choose a home without an alarm system over that of one that has that sort of protection. And with the added punch that of letting locksmith Brighton help you get a monitored alarm system installed the risk of coming home to an unwanted Christmas surprise is greatly reduced. So please feel free to get in touch with the professional locksmith Brighton team today, for advice on what may be right for you, and help with getting this installed in time for your holiday.


locksmith brighton white door silver lockSomething that our team takes great pride in here at locksmith Brighton is our dedication to our customers, and their security. We are always sure to provide the highest standard of service and genuine care for our customers. With our many years of providing lock installations, helping in emergency lock out situations, giving style advice and security tips, we have always kept the customer, and the individual at the center of the equation. Here the team is understanding and we know that it’s people who we are dealing with, all with lives and value of their own, and we are understanding of anyone’s situation no matter what it may be. So if you come and speak to one of our friendly team here at locksmith Brighton you will be sure to heard, you can ask us any type of questions and you will always have our honest reply in what we advice to you.

So if you are looking for a service provider that cares for you as an individual, that takes into account all the factors and listens to you, then you should get in touch with us here at locksmith Brighton. With a flawless record of customer satisfaction, ask anyone of our customers, we come with high recommendation as the team here.


locksmith brighton shieldIt’s no doubt about it, the security industry is one of the fastest moving home markets out there today, which of requires those who work in the roofing industry to be constantly on the ball and keeping up to date with what is current. At locksmith Brighton we are dedicated not only to our customers, but to keeping all our team members up to date on the movements on the market. This includes both the technical and innovative side, which is continuously being updated with new digital and mechanical innovations, as well as the trends in style and aesthetics. When it comes to being both specialists in advice on style and appearance that works well with different types of houses and buildings, all our team members at locksmith Brighton take pride in being able to provide you with the latest and the most slick designs out there. This of course guaranteeing you the newest and most fashionable products on the market, but not to forget that we have always given time to consider the mechanical structure of the products, and their strength in security. We at locksmith Brighton can also advice you on security systems, so get in touch today, with any of your queries and questions!


locksmith brighton door handeSometimes a thing that might escape someone’s mind is how easy it is to lose your keys. It’s something that happens more commonly than generally expected. Of course these things don’t occur at a time of choice, rather more of a thing that happens when one least expects it, and when one least want it or need it. At locksmith Brighton we understand the stress and frustration something like losing your keys can have. Being unable to access ones home, maybe in already busy times, is something distressing. However there is no need to worry.

Just make sure you have the number for us here at locksmith Brighton, and we’ll come as soon as we can to help you re-gain access to your home. The moment we pick up the phone and the moment when one of our friendly team arrives at site are not far apart, and we will be with you in record time. So, if ever in a difficult situation like this, just give locksmith Brighton a call, any time of day or night, and we will come to help.


Available 24 hours a day, so no matter what the time, you can always count on us in an emergency.

For fitting, fixing or replacement, Locksmith Brighton is the place to come for an exceptional service, with very little impact on your wallet.

At Locksmiths Brighton, we know that times are hard, and don’t want our customers to pay the earth for a lock repair. University student discounts available. Therefore it’s our promise to guarantee you the best possible price time after time.


Sometimes, the unfortunate happens and we cannot gain access to a lock via normal means, for example if a key breaks in a lock barrel. That’s why at Locksmiths Brighton, we only use non destructive entry methods where possible, keeping your property in tact. You respect it, so we do too.


If you need any assistance with anything revolving around locks, keys or security then locksmith Brighton is the only contact you need. They come with a very good reputation from all their customers. Of course you can expect only the best quality in products and professionalism in installation, due to the long years of experience the staff here has. At locksmith Brighton you can be sure to know that you will be taken care of no matter the query, or the size of the project you are taking on.

With expertise in the industry the friendly team members can help you find your way through the jungle of different products and services available.  When it comes to customer they understand what is important at locksmith Brighton, and they care for individuals, and will always help find just the right security solution just for you. Regardless of situation and needs, ensuring you feel as safe as can be in current times. So if there is anything you are wondering, get in touch with locksmith Brighton today.


Here we use only the most up to date methods, tools and technology when fitting a lock to keep your property secure. The quality assured technicians at Locksmith Brighton are constantly learning about better forms of security, moving with the times to keep you as safe as possible. Not sure which is the best method for you? Not a problem, just ask and let our top quality workmen weave their magic for you!


Lock Technicians at Locksmith Brighton have the know-how to complete any job, no matter how big or small. Locksmith Brighton service all types and sizes of lock, providing you with a comprehensive service that is unbeatable in quality.

Cost needn’t be an issue. even if you’ve already called a garage or another locksmith for a quote, don’t rule out Locksmiths Brighton. It’s our promise to you to try and beat any other previous quote you might have had!


Many people are worried about the quality and security of their old cylinder locks. But YOU needn’t be. Call  and we will gladly fit brand new, anti snap locks to your commercial, residential or industrial property. Remember, we use only the BEST and most up to date security measures on your property

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