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We can get to most jobs within 15 to 30 minutes.

We understand when you need an emergency locksmith Bristol service for emergency access you need it fast. That’s why we have some of the best response times in the city to get to you within 15 to 30 minutes for most jobs.

Want fast, reliable, and quality workmanship that lasts AND is kind to your wallet? Then you need a Swift Locksmith Bristol. We are guaranteed to be able to help anyone, in any location. What’s more, Swift Locksmith Bristol are available 24 hours a day. There’s no call out charge, so you need never worry about surprise call out charges again. Call for a free quote now.

Locksmith Bristol provide a comprehensive service on all manner of locks. Doors, safes, conservatory windows. You name it, we can do it. Never has there been a lock too tough for us. Whether it’s a door, a window or a safe. The trained technicians at Swift Locksmith Bristol have the knowledge how to fit, fix or replace ANY lock. And all for a great price. On a tight schedule? No worries! We guarantee to get to all local customers within the hour.

The Locksmith Bristol Key Quality

swift locksmith bristol high quality keysWhen it comes to keys, there is no good reason to compromise in quality. That is something that any experienced locksmith, like Swift Locksmith Bristol, would know and advise on. And making sure that the keys cut are of the highest standard. To avoid causing issues with the lock where it can be damaged over time. Or even worse; the key snapping in the lock rendering it unstable. Should you land in the situation where you cannot open or lock your door due to this unfortunate circumstance. You can always get in touch with a locksmith Bristol emergency lockout service. Whoa are always ready and will be with you to aid your situation in no time at all by calling us.

And for the keys you need cutting. Make sure that you get in touch with an experienced locksmith Bristol key cutting service. To ensure that your keys are cut to perfection making them a pleasure to use. Rather than risking damage and issues with your lock in the future. With the skill and the knowledge of the industry market. With pride we can state that only top quality keys are provided from a locksmith at Swift Locksmith Bristol. Which is trusted by their customers. Customers with whom we aim to build long lasting relationships. With though merit and high standards of quality on each of the wide range of services which can be found here.

A Locksmith Bristol for Home Security

swift locksmith bristol window securityMany today are having thoughts about their own home security. Although having a home security system installed, is not unusual today. If you are new to it, it’s something which can be daunting. Especially now when there are so many products and recommendations out there. Why not book in for an inspection with a swift locksmith Bristol service. Who has a long history of providing safe and secure situations for a countless number of home owners. Tailored solutions. What each property and person needs is kept at the centre. Any product installations will always be at competitive rates and of the highest industry standards.

A locksmith Bristol service who aims to build long lasting customer relations, will always make sure that we recommended the best. Such as what is practical, applicable and appropriate for situation. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority. And being able to help in any situation. With any type of key. Lock or security requirements is at the core of our practice. So if you are having thoughts on your home security, make sure that you give an experienced and friendly Swift Locksmith Bristol team a call. You can discuss with us your concerns and thoughts. And we can help you find and install the security you require. Feel free to get in touch for a consultation. Or to book in for a security inspection with us today!

An Locksmith Bristol introduction to home security

Here you have a basic home security survey, as performed by the James County Police Department. This security inspection was performed in the US. However there are many similarities and many good tips to take at heart here. Especially for anyone who is interested in improving on their own home security situation.

Should you wish to book in for a swift locksmith Security Inspection at a time suiting to you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experienced team here. Please feel free to call with any questions you may have. And please enjoy this informational video chosen by the team here.

Locksmith Bristol Good Habits to save you from having to remember

swift locksmith bristol - locked lock!From a swift locksmith Bristol service with your best interest in mind. The team here would like to give you a friendly reminder to keep good security awareness and good habits at home.
Making sure that you teach your children as well as yourself to keep good practices at home. And at work. To ensure everyone is safe. It boils down to common sense. Always locking your doors and closing your windows for instance is an example to remember. It’s much less common to fall victim of home intrusion whilst you are at home. However there is more reason to keeping an “always close when you leave the room” habit in mind. Simply as it will make you do these things on routine. And you are less likely to forget an open window or an unlocked front or back door.

Keep checking in here for more good little reminders to ensure that you keep your level of security high at home. Ensuring that you don’t live under heightened risk without reason. For your questions you can always get in touch with the friendly locksmith Bristol team. And for any services. Key, lock and security related you can always speak to the great and understanding team here. So keep good habits. Close your windows. Lock your doors. And give us a call should you ever need us!

Swift Locksmith Bristol who’s there when you need it the most!

Figure holding key with keyhole through chestEven if you are not aware, chances are that someone you know has been in a lock out situation recently. As this type of scenario is more common than commonly believed. This is the reason why it’s important to know a trusted and reliable locksmith Bristol emergency lockout service. Which you can call upon should it be needed. So please make sure that you note our number. And so give us a call should you ever land in the difficult situation of being locked out.

If you think about it it’s logic to see that you will at some point be subject to a stressful scenario. Where you have lost access to your home or your workplace. And need to get in touch with a locksmith Bristol provider who can come to your aid swiftly. This is why it’s a good idea to have our number close at hand. As regardless of the hour. There is someone at the end of the line ready to help your emergency lockout situation.

There are of course ways in which you can work to prevent a lockout scenario. And many locksmith Bristol professionals would suggest things like having good habits for where you place and how you treat your keys. As well making sure there are spare keys available. In trusted locations and in close proximity. But even with all of these things in mind. A locksmith Bristol emergency lockout service knows, and understands that sometimes things just don’t happen as planned. And these are the times we are ready for your call. And for your emergency making sure that arrival to site is always kept at record speed. So keep our number. And let us know any time you need us!

Window Locks with a Swift Locksmith Bristol lock installer

swift locksmith bristol window lock and handWe would just like to put out a little home security reminder. Making sure that you’ve got up to date locks on your windows at home. When thinking about home security. It’s easy for the mind to go to door locks and alarm systems and fences. However something that at times is forgotten. And that the team here would like to bring up as an integral and important part of your overall home security setup.

Many old-fashioned styled window locks are a security risk. As there are ways for burglars to easy bypass them using simple tools. This is something that a Swift Locksmith Bristol home security expert would like to make sure is known to home owners. As there are many homes with great security measures in place but lacking on this important part.

If you have any questions with regards to the locks that you have on your windows at home. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the locksmith Bristol service you need here! The dedicated team is always here to help with anything that you may require.

Flexible Locksmith Bristol

We are the swift locksmith you have always been looking for here for your needs all day, every day, and night! We know that when you’re locked out of your home and business you want someone who will get you back inside fast with little fuss and can be relied on to respond to your call. Locksmiths Bristol is here for you. We can do the job professionally and to a high standard, with minimal damage to your property. Having trained in the industry for years, we know exactly what it takes to provide the best locksmith services.

internal lock door

We get straight to the heart of the problem here at Bristol locksmiths. Having worked in Bristol for years, we have seen and solved a wide variety of lock-related issues and so when you call us, we know what solution will work best for you. Something we take pride in here at Bristol locksmith is that we are continually developing our skillset to ensure that we are the best at what we do. This includes undertaking training in the latest industry know-how and using the latest tools, to ensure that our customers only get the best.

When you call us here, you’ll immediately speak to one of our friendly team who will be able to assess what kind of locksmith service you require. They can book someone in urgently – where you are locked out of your home or have snapped your key in the lock – or at a time suited to you. We can also give you a free quote so you know upfront what you will be paying, and we can guarantee that these won’t include call out fees or VAT on top.

Always at a time which suits you with a flexible locksmith Bristol service you are in need of!

locksmith bristol respecting timeIf you are one of the many people with busy schedules. Rushing from the second your eyes open in the morning. Until you finally get to lay down to rest in the evening. In need of a locksmith Bristol team who can cater for your busy schedule? Then you can always feel free to get in touch. There is not only the 24 hour emergency lock out service. But also a flexible team with whom you can arrange for the advice or services you need at a time suiting to you.

This simply means that you can have the work done at a time suiting to you. It doesn’t matter if you need to speak to an experienced locksmith Bristol adviser in your search for answers to your home. Or business security related questions. Or if you are in need of one of our day to day services such as lock repairs or replacements. Security surveys or alarm and security installations at your home or for your business.

So if you are hesitating to get in touch with a security expert in Bristol. Due to lack of time. Or because you think that it may be a time consuming endeavour. We encourage you to reconsider. After all, making sure that your home or business security is up to date. So leave your security concerns and worries in the hands of a locksmith at Swift Locksmith Bristol. We have years of experience in the industry and we will be able to help you towards the best security solution for you. And a safer future for your family.

Intuition and common sense

swift locksmith bristol common sense securitySomething that is well worth keeping in mind when in your day to day life is the power of intuition. For the swift Locksmith Bristol service there is always good reason to trust your gut. As in, if it’s telling you something. And if your sense is letting you know that there may be a type of security risk at your house. It’s important to make sure that you investigate.

You can find great tips and trick on your home security here. However if there is something specific that you would like to discuss with someone. Our team has many years of experience and training within the security industry. Please don’t hesitate to pick that mobile phone up. Give us a ring. And make sure that your home security is as it should be. For both your own safety. As well as making sure that those you love are secure together with your investments and belongings.

To book and appointment for a security survey with a swift locksmith Bristol specialist. All you have to do is call. Arranging for a time has never been easier. Especially with the flexible and friendly team here. There are simply no good reasons to keep your security concerns to yourself. And it’s always best to speak to an expert. So that your home security is of the highest possible standards. Our line is always open. Feel free to call for a security inspection appointment. And never hesitate to call in case of an emergency lockout situation that you may have landed in.


swift locksmith bristol eye in key holeThere are only good reasons from security perspective to make sure that you keep aware of what type of risks you may face at your property. Our locksmith Bristol provider will make sure that you are aware of things which are good to look out for.

One thing which was in the news a while back was with regards to burglars. Who used almost see though stickers on doors in order to mark their targets. Of course a good locksmith Bristol service would always advice you to remove any unknown stickers on your home. Which may be disguised as advertisement. You can read the full story here.

Although this type of practice is not overly common. There are always many benefits to make sure that you notice your home. How the exterior look, and how the greenery grows. As any locksmith Bristol would make clear. It helps you to simply notice when there is something out of the ordinary in the mix.

Of course if you are in need of finding exactly what can be done to improve security at your home. You can always get in touch with an experienced Swift Locksmith Bristol provider who can help you all the way. From security inspection. To assistance in choosing what type of solutions would be good for you. And here. With a trusted locksmith Bristol practitioner. You will also find competitive prices and quick installations at a time suiting to you.

So make sure that you keep your eyes on your garden. And if you need a locksmith Bristol day to day or emergency service you can give us a call. Any time of need or at a time of convenience.


Finding a home security system which is suiting to your home and budget may not be the easiest task. It may require some research on your own part to find what features that you would like yourself. As a personal preference. It will also require that you get in touch with a locksmith Bristol provider who can give you experienced advice in the area. There are of course many factors involved in choosing a home security system which will be suiting to you. And our team can always assist you in finding the right solution just for you.

Today we would like to bring your focus to wireless alarm systems which come with many benefits. The biggest of which many locksmith Bristol services agree to being the ease of using it. From the home owners perspective. As well as how many of these systems today are well integrated with the common technologies. Which are present in many homes such as smart phones, tablets and other devices.

The only biggest downfall that we see here, is of course if the network goes down. Then you are looking at a potential problem. If you are interested in getting a wireless security system installed at home by a dedicated locksmith Bristol provider. Please feel free to get in touch though our 24 hour manned phones. And if you are looking to find some more information on products and reviews. Please accept our advice and have a look at this article on wireless security.

And of course. If you are ever in need of an emergency locksmith Bristol provider. You can rest assured that here we are always ready and waiting for your call.


locksmith bristol graveled drivewayWhen you say the word intruder alarm or home security. Many quickly go to an image of the standard white alarm panel and noise of a sounding alarm. However, what we would like to bring some focus to is the more natural and organic alarms. Which work in conjunction with your home security solutions. Of course we recommend all homeowners to have a suitable burglar alarm installed. As this will provide your home with a much higher level of security and a much lower risk of intrusion. And should you require a locksmith Bristol alarm installer for your home. You can give us a call at any time and discuss your options.

When we say natural alarms, by no means an official term. But in our use we mean thing which draws your attention without necessarily being labelled as an alarm. For instance. If you put gravel on your driveway or walkways outside your home, you will indeed hear anyone approaching the house. Especially when it comes to evening times as the ambient sounds of the world quiets down.

The same thing goes for lights. Which is something any locksmith Bristol provider, including Swift Locksmith Bristol, would agree on. Being one of the key elements in any home owners outdoor security. Like with gravel on the ground. If someone is approaching the home and in the range of the motion sensors which activate the lights. You will not only have a visual alarm for yourself. But a strong deterrent for any burglar wanting to take good opportunities. If you have any questions or need a locksmith Bristol team to advise you. Please give us a call at any time.


locksmith bristol home security to suit your lifestyleSomething which may be unknown to the wider public, but that our team of experts know. Is that of course every home, office, shop and security situation are different. This is why, if you come to us you’ll get a locksmith Bristol service. Which keeps you and your individual security needs in mind.

There are many general items or security measures which are very effective and applicable for anyone in some way. However each property comes with its own security risks and security strengths. What we would recommend is to book in for a locksmith Bristol security survey. Just give us a call. And we’ll arrange for a time which is good for you. You’ll be able to find out how your home or business stands the test of today’s security threats.

Something that our team also understands. And are aware of. Is that of course each person living in a home will also have their own lifestyle. Their own routine. In which some security measures may be more or less valid. This is also a factor which a professional locksmith Bristol provider must always take into account. Especially when surveying a home or business premises for a client. And of course something that our team is highly aware of. So why not come to someone who knows about security. The current threats. As well as can identify your individual security needs. Give us a call at any time to book your security survey today.


locksmith bristol cylinder in viceDifficult and challenging things in life seldom happen at a convenient time. This is the reason why we take pride in our work. And see the big importance of being able to provide a quick emergency lockout service. Which is reachable at all times, as so to be available when you need it!

So in that most stressful of times. When there seems to be enough bad luck around to last a lifetime. And you find yourself without keys and without a way to enter your home. This is when you need a friendly and understanding. But also a professional and emergency Locksmith Bristol provider. No need to stress or worry. Just pick up the phone and get in touch. One of our team will be with you before you know it to help resolve your unfortunate lockout situation.

Of course a having a trustworthy and reliable locksmith Bristol provider will be good for any of your keys. Lock and security needs. And with a dedicated team we aim for nothing but perfection in installation. As well as efficiency in giving applicable and valid advice to each security situation we are presented with.


locksmith bristol anti snap bump pickMaking sure that you have proper protection. Especially when it comes to the doors and windows in your home. Is becoming increasingly important. There are many known and simple techniques which can be used to gain entry. Through any door or window that is not properly protected.

With locksmith Bristol you get good high quality locks installed. Which are highly resistant to or provides full protection to the known techniques of breaking an entry. Installation is fast and can be done at a good time for you. And in stock locksmith Bristol has many affordable anti snap. Anti bump. And anti pick locks which are ready for installation.

So why not make sure that you are properly protected in this time of year. When there are many thieves and burglars out looking for an easy target. Locksmith Bristol would also like to recommend giving some thought to your other entrance points. And make sure that you have adequate protection against intrusion here as well. Should you have any questions. Please feel free to give locksmith Bristol a call today. And make sure you are up to date in time for Christmas.

The Bristol Team – Reliable and ready

locksmith bristol reliable locksmithOur team at Swift is a humble but dedicated one. If you come to us here at locksmith Bristol you can be sure to always get a reliable. Consistent. Professional service. One you can count on in every situation. And for your every key, lock, alarm and security requirement.

Though our years in the industry of security, we’ve at locksmith Bristol have learned much about the market. About how to perform our services efficiently. Conveniently. And swiftly for our customers. But not to forget, we’ve also learned how to best listen to the needs of our customers. Taking into account all aspects of their situation and their budget. We here at locksmith Bristol have learned what type of products is good for each situation. And what brands and materials are safe choices in getting high quality products.

So if you are after a reliable and local service. Get in touch with our friendly team at locksmith Bristol. Who are always ready to help and always happy to assist you in answering questions. And providing our expert advice and recommendations based on the current market and where you can find the highest value for money.

And of course with our years, at locksmith Bristol. We’ve always had an open attitude and approach. Being flexible and adaptable as to cater to the little things in every home. Small business. Or for your specific security needs in medium and bigger businesses.

So in Bristol we are always ready to take your call or query. And have many of the most commonly needed high quality spare parts for repairs in store. Just as we stock high value for money locks and alarms. For replacement or installation immediately. So come to your local. Professional. And highly reliable locksmith Bristol for any of your security needs!

Respecting your time at locksmith Bristol

locksmith bristol respecting timeOnes time. Energy. And efforts is something that proves more and more valuable in the times we currently live in. Here we understand that each individual have a whole life to manage. And how much help a swift service can be.

This is one of the main reasons to why we here at locksmith Bristol place high priority on always making our service easily available. And our services swift. For instance. If you would like to get a security survey done on your home or for your business. But can’t make time during regular working hours. It’s no problem. At locksmith Bristol we understand that many have a full schedule. And are happy to arrange for this on an evening that suits you. Or during a day in the weekend. When you have some time to spare.

Training for our customers

locksmith bristol trainingThere are a few key points which are very important when it comes to being able to provide a reliable. Swift. And professional service for our customers. At locksmith Bristol our commitment to our customers leads us to always wanting to make sure they have the best services available. At good competitive prices and make people feel safe and ensured with what we have to offer.

In order to keep the highest standards of products, services and care for our customers here at locksmith Bristol, we always make sure we keep on all the different aspects needed which enables us to do so. One thing which we at locksmith Bristol see as paramount in order to provide our customers with exactly what they need, is making sure we are always training.

locksmith bristol training 2There are so many new products and technologies on the market, and if we are not up to date on the theoretical side of things, as well as sharp on the practical installation, in ourselves we could not guarantee the best available. This is the reason to why the team at locksmith Bristol work tirelessly with training and practice. What are tools without the right man or woman to hold them, as we would say.

Without a proper installation, and without the knowledge to make sure everything is as it should be after a job, no guarantee could be given. This too is why at locksmith Bristol we take pride in being able to give that product, service and installation guarantee. So if nothing less than the best is good enough for you, get in touch with us here at locksmith Bristol today with your key, lock and security inquiry!

Security check up with a Bristol Security inspector

locksmith bristol security check upIf you have any type of worries or concerns with regards to the security of your property, whether it’s your home or your place of business get in touch with us here at locksmith Bristol. We can help you identify where you can in a cost effective way make big security improvements, and deter potential intruders.

So get in touch with us here at locksmith Bristol today. We can book in a security sweep of your property. Where one of team members can survey the surrounding area as well as your property area for you. Helping you find what can be improved giving you handy little easy to apply security tips. All this we at locksmith Bristol will make sure to do at a time convenient to you which does not have to be within regular working hours.

It doesn’t matter what size project you have in mind, at locksmith Bristol we are sure to be able to help you out. It could just be making sure the lock on your door is up to date or,  here you can find the assistance you need if you are looking to get a more comprehensive security and alarm system installed including central locking and other convenient features. So no matter what it is that you are looking to make more secure, get in touch with us here at locksmith Bristol, and speak to one our friendly experienced team members. They will no doubt take good care of you. Ensuring you get a professional and swift service, at locksmith Bristol we also have a highly flexible approach to suit every scenario.

Caring for the community we are part of

locksmith bristol exchange of keysAs a locksmith operating locally and with local people, at locksmith Bristol, we really feel part of the strong local community here. On top of that our team is made up from individuals from this community. Due to this, we can’t help but to care for our customers. As we care for the people, who we meet inside and outside of our working hours.

Having spent many years providing a traditional and highly needed service for our customers, we have found much value in the community. And once you get to know the feeling of that locality, which we have here at locksmith Bristol, we see each person who makes up this community.

So if you need a service, why not go with someone who is local, friendly and familiar? This feeling, is something which brings us much pleasure in our everyday life, and being able meet and help people with something they need, is highly rewarding and most likely the reason we can’t help but to love our work. This type of feeling of caring makes us wants to listen to our customers, which also leads the team at locksmith Bristol to be understanding towards any person’s situation and circumstances, since no one comes without those.

If given the choice of what to do for a living again, our team here at would not choose any different, as we love our very interesting and satisfying profession, as well as the community in which we get to provide our service. So if you want to make sure you get a genuinely dedicated and caring service, come see us here at locksmith Bristol, and we are sure you will understand what we mean.

Locksmith Bristol sees the importance of a good lock

locksmith bristol lockWhen it comes to the lock which you have, or choose to put on your door, the team here at locksmith Bristol are definitely the ones to ask or seek advice from. Our local business has been running for countless years, and the experience in practice we have, succeeds that of any other local service provider that we know of. At locksmith Bristol we are proud to say that all our team members are experts on every aspect of keys and locks, and no matter the question or situation. We we will be able to help. So it’s a good idea to make sure you have our number close at hand.

When it comes to keys and locks, locksmith Bristol and our team here can easily distinguish between the many types of different mechanical designs, and the many materials which is presented on the market. And advice on what we recommend and see best for each of our valued customers, we do this drawing on experience, as well as our current knowledge of the products which are available.

Knowledge locksmith Bristol are always sure to keep up to date thanks to our dedication to education here. So if you need anything at all, maybe making sure that your lock is up to date and secure in the current climate, or maybe if you are just looking to get a spare key cut for your home. Get in touch with us here at locksmith Bristol, we guarantee you the best available products on the market, and a hard working dedicated team of service providers.


locksmith Bristol golden knobWhen it comes to decorating a home, and making it exactly how you envision and want it, we know at locksmith Bristol that the details is what gives the whole a perfect sense and feeling of richness. So in making your house your dream home, make sure you have a stylish lock on your doors, a details that will enrich the surroundings and the feeling of the space, as well as the perception of the property from the outside, get in touch with one of our expert team here at locksmith Bristol. Our team are all up to date with the current market, and can guide you to the best products which are in line with the type of style and look that you may be after.

So whether you are a gold, chrome, black or maybe a knob type of handle type, get in touch with us here at locksmith Bristol. We can help you find the look and the security you need. All our team are highly professional and trained regularly in the installation process of many different types of locks with different looks and different mechanical structure. We most definitely understand the need to keep things stylish here at locksmith Bristol, having seen and knowing the pros and cons of each type of lock and design we will be able to provide you with what you want exactly to your own specifications, as well as in line with the highest security standards.


locksmith bristol green lock and keyThere is no lock that our professional team can’t open. So if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of not being able to gain access to your home. All you need is the telephone number for locksmith Bristol.

In record time we will turn up at your doorstep, ready to assist you when needed. We also know that these things don’t tend to happen when it’s an appropriate time to us. Which is why we offer this service any at any time you need it. Meaning that locksmith Bristol, are ready to take your call 24 hours a day, any day of the year.

Being locked out of your home can be a stressful experience so you will always be met with a friendly understanding service provider. All members of our emergency team are highly qualified, and carry the equipment to guarantee your swift return to access. These things can also happen no matter how careful you are, maybe the key snaps in the lock, or the older locking mechanism that you have may jam meaning that you despite having a key, you are left in a bad situation. However, locksmith Bristol do promote pretension rather than solutions in this type of scenario, and if you need a spare key cutting you can get it done here as well.


You can expect nothing but the best service and help when you get in touch with locksmith Bristol. With years of experience in the industry, they have not only gotten to know the industry market and the different lock technologies available, but they have retained the highest level of practical experience as well.

In anything from installations to understanding what their customers need when it comes to their personal security solution.We always come with the best reputation in the area for any type of locksmith enquiry, they do precision key cutting swiftly, provide you with the latest in security innovations, and take each individual customer into account when creating and tailoring security systems.

The team at locksmith Bristol take pride in what they do, and are highly dedicated to providing you with the best service. So if you have any questions or worries with regards to keys, locks and the security of your property, whether its for your home or maybe business premises. Why not get in touch with a Bristol expert today, they come only with the highest recommendation and you are guaranteed only the best service.


locksmith bristol running key guysIt’s important to always stay with the times and move with the market, not the least in the security and locks industry. At locksmith Bristol we understand that the most paramount thing when it comes to security is prevention. This way there is no unwanted highly negative scenarios. But instead there is security and safety.

This is why we always make sure that all of us, every last member of staff are always keeping with the movements of trends, products and new innovations that come out. If there is a new product hitting the market, deemed highly secure, we will always incorporate this into our own current practices. We will of course make sure we are one hundred percent up to scratch in installation, and that we understand the product, and the system installed. This way the customers at locksmith Bristol will always get the most suited solution for them.

With the understanding of a security system comes the ability to be flexible in approach, budget and many other things. So if there is anything you are wondering, get in touch with us, we have all the best quality high tech new products available on the market. We at locksmith Bristol take pride in the fact that we are always up to date with the current trends and technologies, and we see that working in this industry very much requires it if you are wanting to provide the only the best and latest for your customers.


That which is the favourite season of all has started of with radiating sunshine, and the team here at locksmith Bristol hopes it will continue to do so. What we also would like to do is send out a little courtesy warning. We do this by wanting to make people aware of the heightened risk of being a victim of a home intrusion and theft. So in order to make sure you have a relaxing holiday away, get in touch with locksmith Bristol today. Leave your house and home in the safest and most secure way, and make sure you come back to it safe and sound.

The experienced team at locksmith Bristol is able to provide you with advice on the possible security risks at your individual property. In this, they are taking into account both the surrounding areas as well as the terrain of the property. If you are wanting to get one of the affordable alarm systems we stock installed, just give us a call or come see us at the locksmith Bristol branch. The friendly team will welcome the opportunity to help you relax this summer.


Whether you’re after a more secure type of lock, or you’ve been broken into and need a lock replacing quickly, no matter what its type or size, Locksmith Bristol will sort it out in no time, giving you security and peace of mind. Here we will always be here when you need us.Even if all you need is a new set of keys, Locksmith Bristol is the place to come. Not only do we get to you within the hour, but most jobs we do are completed within the hour, so you’re never out in the cold for too long!


Here at Locksmith Bristol we know many of our customers lead busy lives, that’s why we promise to get the job done, with a quality finish. Fast. The Bristol team can usually fix or replace any lock with ease. However, we’re always prepared for every eventuality, and know that in some cases, access to a lock cannot be gained by normal means.

This happens for example when a key snaps in the barrel, rendering the lock useless. That’s why, in cases where a lock cannot be accessed , Locksmith Bristol will try non destructive entry methods first. Locksmith Bristol has respect for your property, just as you do.


At Locksmith Bristol, your security is our priority. We’ve adapted our methods and tools to keep up with the advances in modern technology. Therefore by going with Locksmith Bristol, you’re safer than ever. Our quality locks are almost entirely theft proof, meaning you lock up at night as secure as can possibly be, and all for an unbelievably low price.

Locksmith Bristol will not be beaten on professionalism, efficiency or quality by any other locksmith. The Locksmiths brand is a brand you can trust. We know most people take the first quote they’re given in an emergency, but Locksmith Bristol will match if not beat any other provider’s quote, so try us first! Stuck with old, outdated locks? No more! Here we will gladly fit brand new, anti snap locks to your commercial, residential or industrial property. We’re only a phone call away, so why wait? Call Locksmith Bristol today for a free quotation.

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