What more can you tell me about high tech security?

Taking adequate security measures

We warmly recommend having a look at this video by one of the leading alarm and security providers in the UK, namely ADT. Although many burglars and thieves are opportunistic, we know that there is still a large quantity of intelligent and forward thinking individuals out there who have made breaking in and stealing something more planned for. It’s not the intention of the locksmith to scare you, and although the burglars are becoming better, there are many ways in which you can protect yourself, you family and your belongings. There are many ways in which a burglar can gain access though a door or window, however there are also many ways to deter and lessen the risk for your home. The below video brings up some very good points from reformed burglars, who are speaking about how they used to operate, and what type of things which would deter them from choosing a house as a target. Things like gravel driveways which make a ruckus when one walks on them, outdoor lighting which we highly recommend as an inexpensive deterrent, alarm systems and CCTV cameras. The vast majority of the ex-burglars included in the survey of this video stated that they would avoid monitored alarm systems, which makes it one of the top security features you can add to your home or business. If using a video surveillance system is something not wanted or something that you feel comes at too high of a cost, then we can help you get some mock CCTV cameras, which look and act authentic with red LED’s indicating that the camera is recording.

Info on Home security and Motion sensors

locksmith motion detectorMotion sensors is something that many of the currently used home alarm intruders systems make use of, which is why we would like to give you a little bit of information to take into account when you give thought to your own home security. A motion sensor, often also referred to as a motion detector is commonly a main feature of the average home security system. It simply does what it says, and when the security system is alarmed, motion within the home is detected and potential intruders will sound the alarm and potentially notify your security service, or you though for instance a mobile device. Please feel free to contact us to discuss what type of alarm and what way of being notified of unauthorised movement in your home is best and most suiting to your security situation and needs. In addition to notification of a potential intruder, there are also other things which you can set up motion detectors to trigger, for instance taking photos or recording video when the alarm is triggered. locksmith london motion detector 2For notifying you and catching intruders out, we see motion detectors as a highly efficient way to provide security in your home, they stand guard at all times when your are not present yourself to keep a look out. On top of that, we can also advise on home alarm and motion detector systems which have great practicality and functionality beyond that of being an intruder alarm. For instance some systems allow you to set up a door bell trigger when someone approaches the front door, some also include motion sensor activated out and indoor lighting. Another thing which we see in practice can be very useful is that you can customise your system as so to be used as a health and safety measure and receive notification when children or pets enter they are not supposed to be in like the basement, or the workshop where there may be many tools and potential dangers. If you have any questions or thought on installing a home alarm system, please get in touch with us today, we can help advice you on not only the type of motion sensors which is suitable to you, but also what type of measures you can take to over all increase the security of your home and the safety of your family.

High tech security suggestion for your home

london trip laserWe are currently trying to help people in their everyday lives to make a better and more secure space for themselves as well as for those around them. And most commonly we focus our tips around things which are at a low cost and big impact for your own home security. However, today the group of workers would like to inform you of a new quite fun, but also efficient method of setting up home alarms. This is why we are very happy to inform you of the somewhat high tech solution of installing a laser trip wire. No, it’s not a science fiction something, you may remember as a child seeing this type of security in the movies. With all the technological advances currently taking place in the word, this is also of course taking place within the security industry. And now, at a not so high price we see that it’s not only a fun way of making your home more secure, it is also a very efficient way. If you get one of these electronic laser trip wires, most commonly they come with a sounding alarm, and often they also come with other little things such as taking a photo in the moment of being tripped, so as to catch the potential burglar on photo. In our experience we see these types of devices come in around the 40 pound mark, and if you are interested in getting one. We would recommend placing it at your back door rather than your front door, as this is the more common way for burglars to get in. Should you have any questions about your own home security, the best way is of course for you to get in touch with us. We are always ready to help, and happy to share our knowledge.

Your Swift locksmith, dedicated to making your home a safer place

london home in handsTo ensure that a home is kept in a good secure and safe way for you and the ones you love is something the staff is highly dedicated to. Making sure that you have security at home which is effective in providing you with physical protection, as well as providing you with peace of mind every person should have to be able to rest well at night is becoming increasingly more important. And to ensure that you stay in the loop, please save our site, and make sure to tune into the home security suggestions we share here. Our aim is to provide you with a good overview of how you can best provide great security, at a low cost, and with keeping security at levels which your locksmith expert sees as required in the current climate. A suggestion which your locksmith service would like to make, one that is based on experience and knowledge of the industry, is to make sure that you have a security system installed at home. This does not mean that you have to go for the top of the market as there are today, with the great advances in technology and the industry happening, many good home security systems at affordable prices. Although the main reason to have a home security alarm system put in place is of course to provide physical protection, and give you a sense of security knowing that you will be duly notified should anyone try to enter your home. However, another point which your locksmith thinks highly important, is the strong deterring factor a home security system has for any potential burglar, why choose a home which has security measures in place when there are so many without. And if you choose a system which includes CCTV, you will have maximised your deterring factors. It’s easy to understand that the last thing that a burglar would want, is to be caught on CCTV.

Think that CCTV at home is over the top

london CCTVWe know that installing a CCTV monitoring system may not always be the most efficient solution for you. This is why in some cases we recommend to get a dummy CCTV camera installed where it may be very useful as a deterring factor for any type of thief. There are many benefits to a dummy CCTV camera beyond the deterring factor, here in London we see that there is actually no monitoring needed, and the biggest factor of all, may well just be that it costs you next to nothing to get one and is very easy to install at home by yourself. So the lovely batch of people at here recommend for some cases and locations that a dummy CCTV camera might actually be a very good idea, taking into account all the aspects of actual risk, cost and energy investment in monitoring. Should you be unsure of what the best solution for you is, get in touch with the locksmith. We are always happy to answer questions and assist in any way we can. Of course this also applies to any other type of lock or security concerns you may have. And of course Swift locksmith network professionals are always up to date with the current market as to be able to provide you with the best of what is out there at any time.

A customer asked the Swift Locksmith ‘Do I really need an alarm?’

your swift locksmith professionals sees the many benefits of a home alarmNot to far back the individuals here met with a customer who was of the older generation, very amicable and friendly, but could not for the life of her see the reason for having an alarm system installed at her new residence. ‘They are so fast anyway, they’ll be in and out with my TV, if they can carry the old thing, an alarm system wouldn’t make any difference’ she said. In which we advised her differently, naturally. The friendly swift locksmith is sharing this because it’s a question or a position of opinion that we have encountered more than a few times.

We explained to our customer that alarms are not what they once were, and an alarm system today doesn’t only serve the purpose of preventing someone from carrying the TV off, but it also acts as a deterring factor. Homes with alarm systems installed are simply much less likely to ever face a home intrusion of any sort, due to their strong deterring nature, and the swift locksmith service knows that if you add the feature of a monitoring system, the risks you face takes yet another large dive.

After having spent some time in discussion and informing our customer of this, her position was starting to change. In the end, she had one of our stocked and ready to be installed system set up for her home. And her decision was made when we told her the price, which she was shocked to hear about. With the industry market so crowded today, and security so affordable, it’s almost a crime not to secure yourself.

If you have questions or would like some assistance in securing your home or business, get in touch with the caring swift locksmith service now and find out more about it. Don’t let misconceptions stop you from living a safer life.