Locksmith Eastbourne recommends flimsy top fencing

locksmith eastbourne flimsy trellisWhen it comes to placing a fence around your garden, or replacing an old one, what we here at locksmith Eastbourne would like to suggest is also getting a little flimsy addition to the top of it.

Anyone would want a rigid and solid fence for their property, however they often easy to climb, and with a little addition on top, perhaps something your pants can climb on is a good idea.

Your London locksmith sees how this makes the top of the fence very difficult to get across gracefully, as it can’t support the weight of someone trying to climb over it, and would cause a ruckus in your garden should someone try to enter it this way.

Gravel walkway, promoting security in Eastbourne

locksmith eastbourne graveled walk wayIf you have a walkway leading up to, or around the house which you are thinking about giving a bit of a facelift, we would like to offer an idea which will not only refresh the look of your home, but also provide you with some extra security and protection.

Locksmith Eastbourne warmly recommends gravel for these walkways, in a variety of colours and types you can find something suiting to your home, and the added security here is the sound of a gravel walkway. Your locksmith Eastbourne know that the majority of burglar would not choose a home with gravel as their target.