Moving Home Security reminders from a locksmith Exeter Lock Installer

If you are in the transition between homes currently, there are a few things that you should make sure to get on your tick list of things to do. The first thing any locksmith Exeter provider would always warmly recommend is to make sure that you know where all the keys which gains entry to the property is. Something which can be difficult in the cases of anything but completely newly built establishments. Meaning that your best bet is to make sure that you have new locks installed on your doors and windows, if they are of a kind which can be opened from the outside, this also includes making sure that you are the sole key holder to outdoor structures such as garages and sheds, especially important should any of these lead to a door going into the home.

If you need a security locksmith Exeter service to help you with installation, please feel free to get in touch today with London local locksmiths. Finding a time that suits your currently busy moving schedule is always possible, and with years of experience and training, you can be sure that installation of new locks will run in a timely and smooth matter, leaving you with high quality locks on the doors which are up to date and protecting you against current threats posted by popular burglar techniques such as bumping and snapping.

And with competitive prices, you can rest assured that eliminating the risk of having unknown parties hold keys for your home will be achieved professionally and at good value for money. Of course should you need a locksmith Exeter provider to help you repair a lock, or if you have any home security queries, you can always call.

And if you are one not yet moving, but are looking to, you may find this link helpful.

Recommending key drawer over a key hook

locksmith exeter key drawerMost of us have a place for our keys in our homes, that place when after a long days work we just drop everything as we walk in the door to sink into a comfortable sofa or chair to relax and in the cold moths of the year have a cuppa and enjoy life a little.

For this situation many have a key hook, as to not lose their keys, but at your locksmith Exeter we instead suggest using a drawer, as something like a key hook can often be spotted from windows in the door, and for potential burglars this can be something attractive in a property. So, make sure you hide your keys away with locksmith Exeter, and enjoy your relaxing evening after experiencing local London locksmith.

Helping homes to a safer and more secure living

swift locksmith exeter secure green houseSomething that which is very useful, and currently relevant that seems to escape the everyday life of many UK home owners today, is the importance of home security. With our current climate, any good locksmith Exeter provider would recommend making sure that your home is sufficiently protected, keeping both the safety of those you care for as a priority, and keeping your home investments safe from potential burglars and thieves.

Of course this is not a call to alarm, but aimed to be more of an attempt at raising awareness of what can be done, at relatively cheap prices at home to ensure that proper protection is provided. So if you are in need of a locksmith Exeter home security installer, feel free to give us a call and arrange for a meeting with an expert. One who knows home security, both from a security systems perspective, as well as from a day to day user perspective in practicality.

Plus, speaking to an expert locksmith Exeter team you will also be sure to walk away with many tips and tricks which you can easily and at little or no cost at all implicate in your day to day life to bring the layers of your home security up to the highest possible standards.

Of course, if you are in need of a locksmith Exeter service and installer to help advice you on specific security concerns you may have you can always get in touch with us. With dedication to your home security, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have, and if you need any type of service you can also rest assured that you will find competitive prices and the highest quality of products with us.

Keeping a secure home means keeping a safe family

swift locksmith exeter keeping a family safeWhen some think of home security, they think it’s something that keeps your financial investments and material goods secure, both physically and in validating your home insurance policy which you may have you also keep safe from big financial catastrophes. What many however forget, which a locksmith Exeter security practitioner would see as a surprise is how little one keeps safety in mind. Making sure you have good home security in place, also makes sure that your family and friends are safer, just like you.

If you need some help and advice on what you can do to secure your home from a security installer, please feel free to give us a call and book in for a security inspection. And of course your time is always respected, so we can arrange around your schedule. Here you’ll have the eyes of an expert locksmith Exeter security surveyor and gain a better understanding of what you can do in your day to day life to make your home more secure, as well as advise on products which may reduce risk of intrusion greatly for you.

So why take the risk, why not make sure that your home, your belongings and most of all you and the people you love are as safe as you would like them to be. Getting your home security up to scratch is not something that has to cost and arm and a leg, today there are many affordable and highly effective solutions which for us invaluable relative the cost. So should you have any questions at all, feel free to ask someone who knows about your locksmith Exeter needs, so give us a call today.

Mock CCTV, top tip from Exeter!

locksmith exeter mock cctv cameraFor many a monitored alarm system seems over the top of what they require, however the fact remains that one of the highest deterring factors in home security is that of having visible CCTV cameras put up.

Locksmith Exeter also knows that today there are many mock CCTV camera cases that look and act very realistic with led indicators of recording and with authentic metal and glass exterior.

These come at a fraction at a cost of a genuine home monitoring system, which of course your locksmith Exeter can help you get installed, and can save you a potential mountain of trouble in the future.