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Hedge trimming; Getting a clear view with locksmith High-Wycombe

locksmith high-wycombe overgrown garden security riskThe new year is incoming, and with it many new things to keep in mind. All the new year’s resolutions and all the activity. Even if you are not a gardening type, the locksmith High Wycombe team would like to recommend making sure that you have clear site in your garden.

Making sure you trim your hedges and brushes is important, as to not provide hiding places and good pathways for potential intruders says emergency locksmiths London. If you have any security questions with regards to your property, please get a hold of us at your locksmith High-Wycombe.

Pretending to be in adds security layers!

locksmith high wycombe light timers for your homeA great way to protect your home from burglars is simply to be inside of your home. Close to all burglaries happen when the home is empty, and of course locksmith High Wycombe understands that it’s not possible to always make sure that your home is occupied. However there are a few things which you can do to make it seem as you are.

Your locksmith High Wycombe would firstly suggest that you get some timers for your home, and inexpensive little device from a security point of view, in which you can program your lights to come on at home making it seem as if you are there when you aren’t.