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Swift Locksmith Leeds understands the importance of a good locksmith. Our family matters the most for us and we all like to take the best care for our family. But there are situations when things go out of our hand and when we find our family at risk, instead of thinking of sensible solutions, we start to panic. It’s important to keep our calm and be able to reach out for the best solution. One such instance recently happened with me less than a month back when I had locked my sleeping child inside the house and I needed to use Locksmith Leeds service.

The key to finding your keys in Leeds

swift locksmith leeds the key to finding your keysA situation that many of us have or will experience if we haven’t so far, is the stressful scenario of lost keys and being in a hurry. A tip from a trusted locksmith Leeds to best protect yourself against this type of situation which can be highly stressful is to put your keys in the same place every time.

After a certain amount of time the place where you willfully place your keys to begin with will become habit, and you will on that routine end up placing the keys there when not thinking. Simply meaning, that when you are unsure of where you placed your keys, an experienced locksmith Leeds knows that there is a good chance that they keys will be exactly in that place where you would put them without thinking.

Similar to making a space in your home for putting keys, a locksmith London near me who’s seen countless instances of lost keys, also know that making a place for your keys on the road as well has a similar benefit. Making sure that you by habit place your keys in the same pocket, or the same place in your bag every time, will not only help you keep track of the keys, it will also make you place your keys there when your mind may be distracted, ensuring that you run minimal risk of losing them.

Making sure your home is protected this summer holiday

ocksmith-leeds-home-security-alarm-instalationsThere are many reasons to start thinking about packing your bag and taking that long deserved holiday, to relax in the sunshine and make sure that the batteries are refilled for the next season. And going away with your family or friends is always a good experience, which can become even better without the worry of unwanted surprises which may occur when you arrive back, or worries that may stop you from fully relaxing when you are on holiday. So speak to a locksmith Leeds security provider today on how you can best keep your home safe when you are not there to keep a watchful eye out for it.

It’s commonly known that one of the best methods of providing security protection for your home if there are plans to go away, and leave it unattended for longer periods of time, is to get a home security alarm installed. And should you require help in choosing and installing a suitable alarm system for your home, please feel free to give a locksmith Leeds service with years of experience in private home security for advice.

You can give us a call at anytime and get answers to the questions which may lay uneasy in your mind. Plus, by calling a locksmith Leeds home security practitioner who knows the value of a rest and a great holiday, you can be sure that your home is left in the safest way possible for your time away. So if you have that holiday penciled in, why not pick up the phone today, and make sure that your home is left with the security it needs for your time of reoperation and worry-less rest.

A swift locksmith Leeds – There when you need us!

swift locksmith leeds to the rescueFor any type of service that you may need, key cutting, lock repairs, replacements, new installations, alarms and security, come to a provider who knows security. With a highly trained team always up to date with products on the market, as well as always keeping eyes on development in security technologies, innovation and ideas, you can rest assured that your security will be up to date with the highest and most current security standards. And with a team who understands the stresses of an emergency lockout situation, availability and readiness 24 hours a day is here a must.

So make sure that you note down the number for a dedicated swift locksmith Leeds emergency service, and should you ever need us, please don’t hold a moment’s hesitation to call. Qualified help will be on the way, equipped with the tools needed as well as the know how and the understanding of your urgency.
Swift Locksmith Leeds operate within a 10 mile radius of 44 Rossefield Dr, Leeds, LS133RP Tel: 0113 318 0307
Should there be any day to day service that you require, here you can find a swift locksmith Leeds precision key cutting, lock installer and security expert, and with competitive prices and flexibility, you will be able to get a great and affordable deal and can arrange for any work to be done when it suits you best. So there is no reason not to make sure that your home or your business has the security needed, speak to a dedicated and friendly team member today!

Home alarm installations, quick, easy and affordable

swift locksmith leeds home alarmSomething commonly stated as the most efficient method of securing your home, is to have an alarm installed. Something that a swift locksmith Leeds alarm specialist can’t disagree with, not only does an alarm system provide physical protection in the form of attention grabbing sirens, reporting and monitoring. But it also provides that invisible layer of security known as the deterring factor. Said by many former burglars to be one of the things they would avoid like the plague, when choosing a target is that of an alarm panel on the wall. This increases risk, and makes a highly stressful scenario for a potential intruder, and in the combination of having good outdoor lighting, and perhaps even a CCTV camera up, the sense of being exposed is brought to a maximum. And for a burglar looking to stay low, the likelihood that your home is targeted with these measures in place is very low.

Please feel free to get in touch with a swift locksmith Leeds home security installer if you have any questions, or if you are unsure of what type of home security and monitoring system would be right for you. It’s understandable that the current industry market can be confusing, with many different varieties of alarm and monitoring products out there, so if you are needing some advice from a locksmith Leeds security inspector. This is something that you will find here as well. So make sure that you get in touch with someone who knows, someone who is equipped with the right type of eyes to identify the risk areas of your home and your situation. Ensuring that your choice is of the highest validity, in both efficiency and from the financial point of view. So call today, and speak to a team who can help you all the way from a home security inspection to home security installation, and on top of that, with a Swift locksmith Leeds team your new security means can be up and running sooner than you can imagine. So have no hesitation, and feel free to give us a call at any time!

Security awareness for you and your neighbours!

swift locksmith leeds - my neighbor willIf you keep good security practices at home, and if you are attentive and aware of your surroundings, building good relationships with your neighbours and helping each other keep an eye out of suspicious activity, you can greatly increase on the security standard of your home and the safety of your family and your property. The human mind is great at noticing change, and should you ever feel or see something unusual, most of the time you are correct. And for a swift locksmith Leeds service who is dedicated to your security, this is a great reminder to put to you and your neighbours.

Of course, most of the time there will be good reason to the change you might have noticed, or the activity that is unusual, however there is never a good reason to keep things like this to yourself, and good communication will always be beneficial both to you and those who live close by and around you.

A locksmith Leeds provider who promotes security awareness, always encourages the sense of community and helping each other keep safe and secure at home is one of the most valuable things we can do at home. And if you keep an eye out reporting anything strange to your neighbours, they will do the same for you, meaning that your over all security situation is to a much greater extent covered. And if you would like to speak with an expert in the field, please don’t wait to get in touch with the wonderful swift locksmith Leeds team.

Night lock, a good way to help prevent one of the common ways of home intrusion

A swift locksmith Leeds service would like to recommend a little home security addition which can greatly reduce risk for you at home with at a very cost efficient price. Although please do keep in mind that we don’t in any way state that such an item is sufficient for your home security, but acts as a part of a bigger security system at home. If you have any questions on the security of your own home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a locksmith Leeds service who knows today.

Understanding home and business security with a locksmiths Leeds expert who knows!

locksmith leeds understanding securityWith countless current discussions on home security, it can be easy to get lost and tired of trying to navigate though a mesh of confusing products and services which are currently available. This is why we recommend getting in touch, if you do so you can speak to a locksmith Leeds provider with the knowledge to give you the answers on the subject matter that you need. Not only to make sure that you are safe and secure in your own home, at work or whilst you are away, but also to make sure that you get a decent nights rest without worries on matters difficult to understand.

With a locksmith Leeds service, who is always happy to help and make sure that you understand the reasons for specifics security measures. And making sure that you also agree to their point of implication is something which this team would agree is important. So speaking to someone who can help you understand your own home or working environment security, will not only leave your mind in peace, but also wiser to the security measures and simple habits that could be implemented by yourself and those around you to keep a safe and secure environment.

So get in touch with a locksmith Leeds individual who is always happy to have a chat, and explain the details in terms that are easy to understand, as well as explaining costs and showing you the reasons for security, rather than telling you what to think. Of course any questions that you may have will also be answered by a locksmith Leeds who has the knowledge and experience to find the applicable security measures and solutions for you.

Security gadgets are never a replacement for a real security system

swift locksmith leeds security gadgetsFor the swift locksmith Leeds service the overwhelming number of great new security gadgets coming out each year is something that we much appreciate and always do our best to keep our eyes on as they can be very helpful to any home owner wishing to upgrade and give some extra attention to their home security. What we would however like to make clear, is that the majority of security gadgets which are not supplied by security companies, are not to be relied on as security systems which can on their own stand to protect you against the security risks that you may face at your home.

Our suggestion to ensure that your home has the proper and correct security measures in place, is to get your areas inspected by a professional who knows what they are doing. You can always get in touch with a swift locksmith Leeds security surveyor who has the property training and the right outlook to be able to help ensure that your risk areas are covered to a proper extent. It’s something quick and easy to do, and we see it as a great investment to gain insight in your own security situation at home, making sure that you are aware and put good security practices in your own routine at home.

Feel free to give the locksmith Leeds service team a call at any time with your questions, and keep checking in here with us for tips on some of the gadgets that hit the market, which we both recommend and not.

An up to date: Introducing Point Home Security

swift locksmith leeds point home securityThere are a wide range of home security products out there, and the market is ever expanding as technological innovation and new methods of protection is found within the industry. Keeping up to date with everything is something a locksmith Leeds who endeavors to do so, is a whole world in itself. Many have heard about different security products on the market, and the most common home alarm systems today operate with motion sensors or cameras. But have you ever heard of a home security system which searches for and identifies any sound within the home which shouldn’t be there. When this locksmith Leeds team heard about this innovation we were intrigued, and thought we wanted to have a little closer look.

Although perhaps not something that will become common use in home security systems made for home owners, it’s still something that a curious locksmith Leeds finds interesting, and highly relevant to the development of the home security industry. Should you need to speak with a Leeds security expert with regards to your own home security please feel free to get in touch with us at any time. Your questions will find answers and your security concerns will be settled, should you choose to go with a locksmith Leeds whom you can trust.

If you are interested in knowing more about the point home security system which operates by detecting sounds, please have a look at this great introduction of the product here.

And if you are curious to know how an expert locksmith Leeds can help your own home security situation, don’t give hesitation to picking the phone up giving us a ring at any time.

Benefits of a home alarm system

swift locksmith leeds home alarm system panelFor many getting a home security system installed may seem like something outside of the average home owners budget, however if you ask any locksmith Leeds alarm installer you’ll soon come to realise that with the market and the technology currently available. It is something that has become vastly available to most home owners. If you are interested in more information on what type of home alarm and security systems are out there today, and need a locksmith Leeds home alarm installer to help you find what may be suiting for you.

Your call is always welcome with us. With phones always manned you can call at any time to book in for a consultation, security survey or simply to ask us the questions you may have. We can help settle any home security concerns you may have, as well as finding something which is suitable to your budget as well as your requirements. Not only based on the area, but your day to day routines, and how you would be using the system.

Any locksmith Leeds provider knows that the benefits of having a home security system installed are endless, protection for your home whilst you are away, notification if something unusual is going on at your property, audio alarm to notify neighbors and acting as a big deterring factor in the minds of burglars looking for their next target to strike, just to mention a few of them.

This is why many locksmith Leeds teams would suggest a home security system for you, and if you are interested in how a home alarm system could help your private home security, please get in touch with our experienced and dedicated team.


locksmith leeds red thornesSome of you out there may be thinking about some garden work as a resolution for the incoming new beginning and year. Locksmith Leeds would like to warmly recommend you give your home security a little boost with adding some defensive garden plans to your exterior. What we suggest are thorny plants, brushes and roses. And the chosen placement would for the team here at locksmiths Leeds be around the edges of your garden fence perhaps.

Another tip which we think is great from a security point of seeing things, is to put up some thin, rigid support for plants which like to climb. Not rigid enough to take the weight of a person, and not solid enough to make the fence easy to climb. This together with some beautiful and lovely smelling roses clinging to the fence will be a strong deterrent for potential burglars in search of an easy target.


locksmith leeds padlockThe economic climate of the world seems to always be changing, and although we too have to move with the market we think that security and safety is something that should be affordable to everyone. This is why locksmith Leeds is always aware of their prices, and make sure that they are of highly competitive nature, and affordable to our customers, which we would ideally like to be everyone. A strong lock to keep family, investments and belongings safe is something that we think should be available to everyone. Even our call out services for emergency lock out situations are made accessible and affordable to all. This despite the fact that we have record response time for our customers convenience and of course to elevate some of the stress which this type of scenario can bring. So if you are in need of a locksmith, just get in touch with us here at locksmith Leeds today, you’ll be sure to get a good competitive and affordable price, and in caring for our customers we only provide products of the highest quality as well as friendly approach. We can guarantee that you will not be dissatisfied, so pick up the phone and call us today!


locksmiths Leeds alarm panelThe sun is warming our lovely city, and we are all warming up with it. The team here at locksmith Leeds would just like to send our warmest, literally, regards to all of our customers and all the rest as well. We hope you will all enjoy the time with the sun that is still left this summer! A thought that did strike us here at locksmith Leeds, was that when this type of heat hits, especially when we are past midsummer and we are moving towards the next season, is that we want to keep the summer. We see that a way that many do this, is by booking a holiday away when we predict the sun and the warm weather here will take it’s leave.

This is why locksmith Leeds would put out a friendly reminder to the importance of security for your home when it’s left unattended for a longer period of time. It only takes a couple of days for those with bad intention to notice a seemingly vacant property. Which is something that is taken advantage of and the risk of being a victim of some sort of home intrusion goes up. So why not leave the security measures needed to the highly experienced team here. We can guarantee that your home is left as safe and sound as possible whilst you are away. So get in touch with our wonderful team at locksmith Leeds today, and let us help you find the best and most suitable security solution for you before you go away, leaving you to only relax on your holiday.


If you come visit the branch or maybe just a give them a quick call, you will soon come to realise why locksmith Leeds come with such high recommendation from their customers. The team there is very friendly and customer service oriented, making sure to always listen to their customers and to the individual security needs of each individual. When it comes to the security of a property, locksmith Leeds understands that each situation and circumstance is different, and providing a generic service simply isn’t enough. Of course they provide day to day services in a swift professional manner, including things like cutting spare keys, or installing new locks for doors etc.

But what the team here really puts at the centre of their practice is the customer, and building a solution specifically tailored to the property in questions. It doesn’t matter what size of property or premises investigated, locksmith Leeds will be able to help find the perfect solution for it taking into account the property area itself as well as the surrounding areas. So if you have any questions with regards to security. Or if you are in need of any type of day to day service, get in touch with locksmith Leeds today.


ManLock locksmith leedsIf you are looking to make a secure home, keeping your belongings and investments safe, and perhaps most of all keeping those you love safe get in touch with us here at locksmith Leeds. We are always following the developments within the industry in order to provide our customers with only the best and latest technologies available. We are always working on improving standards of security, which is why we make sure to keep up to date with the current innovations and the technological breakthroughs that happen within the security industry.

Locksmith Leeds understands that the most efficient way to keep your home safe, is to make it safe by always being one step ahead. So leave all the research and industry knowledge to an expert who knows, and you can be sure to rest safe. When new technologies and products hit the market, we are quick to integrate and practice that which is applicable and suitable for the security of domestic as well as commercial customers. So if you have any questions at all, or maybe just would like for you premises to be surveyed for security risks, get in touch with us at locksmith Leeds today.


We provide the most professional and swift emergency lock out service in the area. So if you ever find yourself in this type of situation, just make sure you have the phone number for locksmith Leeds. If you give us a call, you’ll be greeted by one of our team members, who is aware and understanding of your situation. Not having access to own home is something that can be very distressing and cause much stress and anxiety. In high paced life, there is not much time over and the last thing you need is to be locked out of your own home.

At locksmith Leeds ware are always quick to respond and since these type of scenarios are unlikely to happen during regular business hours we of course provide this service 24h a day. This to make sure that one of our team at locksmith Leeds can be with you, when you are in need. Of course our own preference is prevention rather than solution, and we have a recommendation for people. If you make sure you get a spare key cut for your home, and leave it with a friend or neighbour whom you trust. If you make sure you have a modern lock on your door, which are less likely to break the risk of this scenario is also much lower. Make sure that you have a strong key, out of the proper material, as to prevent breaking the key in the lock, is also something important. This service is also something locksmith Leeds provides.


I needed to attend the door when the doorbell rang. And after taking the parcel delivery from the postman, I kept the item inside my house and got engaged talking to my neighbour. In order to make sure that I do not disturb my child’s sleep, I decided to step out and close the door. Bang. And the next second I realized that the keys are left inside the house, which was inaccessible in any way until the door is reopened. I decided to call my husband and asked him to arrange for Locksmith Leeds to visit us urgently. It was a real trouble and I wanted to get inside my house again as soon as possible, and if possible before my child woke up. I was eagerly waiting for Locksmith Leeds to arrive.


I was expecting to see the service in my premises in not less than 20 – 25 minutes, but to my surprise, they arrived in next 10 minutes armed with their tools ready to rescue me and the child who I have locked inside the house. It was a relief to see Locksmith Leeds arrive. Without wasting a minute, they got into work and in less than 10 minutes, I was standing next to my child still sleeping quietly. I was glad they arrived immediately to rescue us.


Locksmith Leeds is true professionals committed to help people when they need the help. I was not sure, if I would end up paying heavy charge for calling them on a short notice to see an urgent case. But they did not charge anything extra, just their fee that was competitive. I decided to keep their number on top of my mind in case I ever need to use Locksmith in the lovely town of Leeds service again due to any such accidents happening in future.