Modern security advice from the professional locksmiths

Promoting good habits in everyday life

london door Locksmith professionals like to promote good habits. Something that is beneficial to every aspect of your life. When you think about it, a big part of your life is actually running on its own. Walking, how to tie your shoe laces, the bike ride to work etc. happen without having to focus on it. Our blog would like to just place a reminder that promoting good routine in your life from a security point of perspective only comes with benefits. For instance, something that you might have heard from your parents say often, “make sure you lock windows and doors”, is something that we can also make into a habit. Most locksmith experts  agree that this too is something that, if given some thought and effort with time will become self running. And although remembering to lock your doors and windows is not an issue, forgetting may cause you grief and much trouble which you could avoid. Swift Locksmiths provides you with independent service who pay us a fee for connecting you with their expertise to solve your lock problems. We are in fact a locksmith provider you can trust as we ensure clear pricing, access to a locksmith within 20 minutes of your location and the peace of mind that you are dealing with an expert who has shown to be trustworthy and professional. Why take the risk anywhere else?


We understand how easy it is for a potential intruder to make his or her way through an open door or window and snatch your phone or wallet and be gone before you know it, you may have just gone out in the garden for a few minutes.  london keysThis locksmith post is not out to scare you and the risk is relatively low for this to happen, but never the less it does happen, and a good habit costs you nothing but a little bit of effort to begin with. Another habit which springs to mind when thinking of security and locks for us is of course that of promoting good key placement habits. What we also see is that also quite frequently we get calls from people who are in need of a locksmith emergency lock out services due to the fact that their keys have gone astray. Of course these things happen at times, but with good habits we can see how you can minimize the risk of stressful situations. And as the London solution provider we advise you always to put your keys in the same place, for instance a specific place in your bag, or a specific drawer in your home.

Lost Keys

Then you will find your keys there when they are seemingly lost. So in order to save time, money and to avoid stressful situations, it’s always good to keep your keys in a regular place. But we understand that regardless of the care you take you will perhaps at some point land in a situation where you need an emergency lock out service, and of course at these times just give us a call, and we’ll make sure that someone will come to your location in a swift and professional manner. All the locksmith trained professionals we deal with are of the highest professional standards, both in services, products and customer care. So make sure you keep the number for us here at Swift Locksmiths close at hand, and give us a call should you ever find yourself in need. We are open 24h per day, and we guarantee you the quickest professional service in the area. Of course if there is anything else that you need a specialist in London for, key cutting, lock repairs, alarm installations, security inspections and much more, also feel free to give us a call today so we can put you in touch with an expert in your area. Note that at Swift we provide you with an expert London service to solve all your lock and security issues. We do not conduct the work ourselves but put you in contact with a trusted professional. Your locksmith pays us a fee for our services which is included in the price you are quoted – not extra. All prices can be agreed before your locksmith is dispatched as most standard prices are fixed. This ensures that you are fully informed of prices and there are no nasty surprises. That’s why so many people trust our service.

Holiday recommendations from us

locksmith london alarm panelWe thought we would give a little advice now that the peak season of holidays is running. We have seen many unwanted situations as a result from going away, and leaving your property without surveillance for a longer time period. The reason for this is that when a house, or a business property is left unattended, and unmanned for several days in a row, we know due to experience, that it can get noticed by thieves. It’s most definitely not our intention to scare you, or raise alarm, however it is a fact that home intrusion risks go up by a massive amount when buildings or homes are left without residents.

So if you are planning a late summer holiday, going away to see friends and family, we would just like to remind you that there are many easy and affordable ways to give you some security. Both as peace of mind, and as in actuality. Currently here we have a range of different and affordable alarm systems in store ready for installation. And since our all independently working locksmiths are professionally trained in how to flawlessly and quickly install these systems it does not have to cause any major inconvenience or disruption to your life. If you give us a call, you’ll get to speak with one of our dedicated crew, who can help advice you what is just right for you and your security situation and put you in touch with the right person to complete the job. So leave the hard work of finding the right person to deal with your security to us here. Make sure you have a nice and relaxing time away, and without unwanted surprises when you get back.


locksmith trainingIn the industry of locks and security, to all of our dedicated staff here at your top quality locksmith, there is a high understanding of how important it is to always be up to date and keep educated in the latest security changes. In business for people and in the line of duty to keep people’s homes and belongings safe, as well as keeping small businesses investment and finances safe there is no room for error. This is the reason to why locksmith is always making sure to engage and be active in our own education and training. We do feel a strong sense of responsibility, and of course the team here takes pride in our work and reputation as a provider of locksmiths. Many professionals care for their customers. However at the workers we also see what is needed to be able to provide our customers with the best advice, and the best recommendations with regards to their individual security situation.

Highest quality products 

As all markets change with the times, so does the market of the security industry. And if anything, we see it’s changing faster than many other industry markets. This simply due to the fact that there is a need for it to, as soon as there is a new type of technology out that is being commonly adapted by people, there will always be innovative minds working on the other side of the spectrum. For us, we always see this as inevitable, and we understand that in order to best protect our customers we need to be up to date with the latest technologies. Of course swift locksmith’s independent network of locksmiths always supply the strongest, hardies, and most secure locks and security systems to meet your budget.

london golden knob lock

Always when new products hit this fast paced market, we have a focused look at it, evaluate it, and decide on its applicability to our customers. With countless years in the industry we have through experience learned what is in practicality, the best security solution for our customers. And with our extremely flexible approach we are able to inject the new products into our own practices in a clever and useful way. Here we see what is good for each property, and each individual, and tailor make solutions for our customers, so they can feel as safe and secure as they can be. So leave your security concerns to the dedicated team here, feeling safe and secure will leave you time to think about all the things you want and need to, rather than worrying about your property, your investments or your belongings. So give us a call when you have chance, and get answers to all your security questions.