Never leave keys outdoors with locksmith Peterborough

locksmith peterborough key under door matFor the team here something that we hear about often is hidden keys. Although it may be tempting to hide a spare key somewhere in your garden, under a plant pot or a figure in your garden, it something that a recommended service in Peterborough highly advice against doing.

The main reason for us seeing this as a bad idea, is that perpetrators are well aware of the most common hiding places for spare keys, and leaving keys outdoors is a high risk when looking though a security perspective. Instead what your locksmith Peterborough as your mobile locksmiths London would suggest is to leave spare keys with a neighbour that you trust.

Out of sight and removing temptatio

locksmith peterborough burglar looking though windowThe team here would like to give a little simple security tip for anyone. If you are a user of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops etc. Then you might want to sharpen your ears a little. Your locksmith Peterborough suggests that you make a habit out of always putting these away after you have used them.

This way you remove the temptation for potential opportunistic burglars. However even if you have good habits, some burglaries are of a more planned nature, and simply hiding your valuables is no guarantee. Please feel free to get in touch with locksmith Peterborough today, to find out how you can best increase your home security.