Long life keys with locksmith Reading

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locksmith reading many keysWhen you need to get some spare keys cut it’s important to make sure it’s high quality strong material keys to make sure that you don’t damage the lock. Locksmith Reading knows that continuous use of poor quality keys and poorly cut keys can in the long run reduce the life span of your lock.

To avoid this come to your locksmith Reading, where we use only keys of the highest standard, keys that runs next to no risk of snapping inside of the lock or causing damage to your lock. On top of that they key cutting service is swift, and can be done at your closest convenience.

A Reading emergency lockout service to your rescue!

swift locksmith reading 24 hour emergency serviceCall us any time in case of emergency and rest assured knowing that help is on the way! With the training and experience required to deal with any lockout situation your need is our priority. So make sure that you have a the number for a locksmith Reading emergency lockout service who is equipped and understanding of your situation. It’s can be greatly stressful to find yourself without access to your home, or being unable to lock your door when the time is ticking and you are on a schedule. But there is no need to fret, just dial the number for a locksmith Reading emergency service who will make sure that you are safe inside or on your way as soon as possible.

With countless of urgent situations resolved in the bag, a service in Reading who comes with recommendations from previous customers is a name and number worth noting. And if there are any questions in relation to locks, keys or security matters for your home or for your business feel free to get in touch at your closest convenience. With a locksmith Reading who works around your schedule any day to day service which you may be in need of can be arranged at a time which is good for your panning, so don’t hesitate to call now!

Share your holiday plans with your friends and family, not with strangers!

When having plans on going away, it can be hard to keep your excitement contained, and wanting to tell the world about your holiday plans is something that is greatly understandable. However, a locksmith Reading would like to make sure that you take care when sharing your holiday plans. This is also something that applies to your online activity, and what you share on social media can often be seen by many unknown eyes.

And any locksmith Reading knows that an empty house already runs far greater risk than that of an occupied one for intrusion, and keeping the number of people who know about your holiday plans to close family and friends is greatly beneficial from a security point of view. Of course we are not suggestion that you stop your social media use, however perhaps having a check in your sharing settings making sure that your content is only shared with friends, not further, may be a good idea. This also agreed by The Huffington Post, please read their article on the subject here.

If you require help and tips from a locksmith Reading on how you can best keep your home safe whilst you are away, please don’t hesitate to call today. And if you don’t already have a home alarm system installed, there is a wide range ready to be installed in stock. Simply meaning that you can get one of the most effective methods of home security up and running before your journey, making sure that your home is left as secure as can be. So if you have any questions and need a Reading team to give you experienced advice on your home security, please ring now.

Home Alarm System benefits

swift locksmith reading home alarm panelIt’s becoming more and more common for people to think about home alarm systems today, when they think about their own security and safety at home or at work. When this first occur it may be confusing as you stand in the sea of products and recommendations around. So if you are in search for some help from a locksmith Reading installer then why not make sure it’s a tried, trusted and recommended service.

If you give us a call, you’ll be able to get expert advice from a locksmith Reading who you will be able to help you find the specific point on which the security of your property may be falling short, and suggestions to methods and ways of protection will also be revealed alongside being able to find out what type of system would suit the particular needs of the area, and what suits you as a customer and as the user of the system.

Regardless of what type of home security alarm system that you choose, a security locksmith Reading installer would be able to get it up and running for you in no time at all, so please feel free to give our team a ring at your own closest convenience. Times for installation and consultations on your security will be able to be arranged around your schedule, and with a team dedicated to help you gain an understanding of your own home and what type of protection is most suitable and most needed. So you need to look no further if you are searching for a Reading provider who has your best security interests at heart.

Alarmed door wedges

locksmith reading alarmed door wedgeSomething that we would like to bring your attention to in this day and age is a clever little invention which you can pick up cheap is an alarmed door wedge. It may sound like an obvious or silly idea, however the point that locksmith Reading would like to see with this is simply that they are very effective.

Of course not for every situation, but for when you are inside of the door you are seeking to protect, all you need to do is place it by the door, and if someone tries to force the door open an alarm will sound. For the locksmith Reading team this is a great idea, and something that we would also highly recommend for travellers who may stay in hotel rooms in different places, where a little added security both physically and for peace of mind is needed.