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I have heard a lot about Swift Locksmith Sheffield from my friends and family, but never needed to use their service. But recently after losing my keys during a long trip, I needed to call Swift Locksmith Sheffield to help me get into my house. I had no clue when and how I lost the keys, but at the end of a fantastic trip, this was not very pleasant news. I got their number from my colleague who has used their service before and has mentioned that they are professional and respond fast. I decided to call them to come and rescue me. Lock trouble – call Swift Locksmith Sheffield now.

Smooth and perfect key turns every time

swift locksmith sheffield shiney keysIt’s always good to make sure that you have some spare keys for your home in case of emergency, should keys get forgotten, one tip that a swift locksmith Sheffield expert key cutter would suggest, is to keep a spare one with a trusted neighbour, family or friends which are close by. Of course if your keys do get lost, and can’t be found again, it’s highly recommended that you change the locks on your doors, even if you still have keys for it. Simply to ensure that you know where all the keys for the property is, and in ensuring that you and people that you know and trust are the only key holders is important to keep the integrity of property from a security point of perspective.

But regardless of the reason for needing a spare key cut, why not make sure that it’s a precision cut one, in the highest standard of material which will give you a smooth and enjoyable key turn every time. Get in touch with a swift locksmith Sheffield precision key cutter for the job, and on top of that your keys can be cut at your convenience and in timely manner. If you have any questions on keys, key cutting, or if you are pondering something with regards to your own home security, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a long lived and trusted service with the highest key cutting standards!

New and Stylish with someone who is always up to date with design

The traditional thought of home security as something which makes your house look more like a prison than a home is something that has long flown, and for anyone who may still have this image of home security, it may be a good idea to listen up. A locksmith Sheffield installer who is always with developments on the market, both when it comes to innovation as well as design will be able to help you find a safe and secure solution for you at home which suits your style and the look of your own building.

If you get in touch, you will be able to get advice and tips on what products are available and applicable to you. And of course, a friendly and happy Swift Locksmith Sheffield team are always happy to answer any of your questions. As well as help you find solutions for your concerns, ultimately helping you sleep better at night, resting assured that your family, home and investments are as safe as you can make them. So why not get in touch with a locksmith Sheffield service who not only understands the security needs for each property situation and area, but also knows the importance of keeping a house a home, by making sure all security measures are discreet, and suiting with the environmental style and design of your home.

So why not make a choice to bring your home security up to date today with someone who knows security, and understands your needs from a user perspective of any security measures put in place. And if you need help with your home security installation, please trust in a locksmith Sheffield professional with years of experience who comes with the highest recommendation from customers.

And if you are searching for some stylish inspiration for your own home security solution, please check current trends here.


swift locksmith sheffield keeping home security in mindSomething worth noting is the level of general awareness and general discussions for home owners as such points as security in mind. The reasons to this becoming a more and more discussed topic is not only due to the present demands on having home security on the climate and the current risks, as well as making sure that accurate as well as applicable protection is provided.
Another point which many locksmith Sheffield providers would agree on is that the average home in the UK today is not protected up to a good standard, and with being aware of the risks involved things which can be done to improve the general protection of your home can be made at a level which is accessible and applicable to you.

So if you need a security locksmith Sheffield to help you find the best and most efficient security solutions which are relevant to your situation and your area, make sure you come to a trusted and traditional, but always up to date with the current technologies in the industry.

With trained eyes an experienced locksmith Sheffield team can help you find ways to protect your home, and with competitive rates in things like alarm installation and emergency lockout help, you can be sure to get a solution and the locksmith Sheffield service that you require. If there is anything that you are wondering with regards to your own security situation, why not give us a call at your own closest convenience, of course we are always available for emergency calls, however with our flexible approach we will always be able to find a time for any work to be done suiting to you.


locksmith Sheffield golden knob handleWhen it comes to security and locks, of course one of the most important things is that the products are made in a strong material and that the design is of solid nature, and does not easily break. We here at Swift Locksmith Sheffield understand that accurate evaluation of this type of specialist products, and being able to offer what is the most applicable to each scenario comes with a responsibility towards our customers. With high dedication our team at locksmith Sheffield are always on the ball with these things. With a constant eye on the market, drawing upon the long industry experience we have, we can see in practicality what is good for each of our individual customers and provide them with the perfect solution for them in their set budget.

At locksmith Sheffield we evaluate the many products that hit the market every year, and are in line with the industry standards, making sure that all things which are useful and applicable to our customers are incorporated in our own security practices. So if you want to be sure that you are getting the best products available on the industry market, speak with one of our team. Always listening to the industry market, and always listening to our customers’ means that locksmith Sheffield can provide you advice applicable to your situation and your security scenario. So give us a ring and speak to one of our dedicated team at locksmith Sheffield today.
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Emergency lockout resolved by a swift Sheffield service you can rely on!

swift locksmith sheffield emergency lockout resolvedIt’s much easier to get locked out of your own home or work by accident than commonly thought, and whether it’s the door that slams shut from the wind whilst you are taking the trash out, or that the keys have gone missing, the situation presented remains the same. However if you are stuck in this challenging and often stressful situation please remember us. There is no need for panic, you can get in touch with a swift locksmith Sheffield emergency lockout service at any time, no matter the hour. The emergency line is always open, and if you are in need of access fast, please don’t worry, just pick up the phone and give us a call. Help will be on its way swiftly, and with a team always arriving with the tools and knowledge for the job, your lockout situation will be resolved before you know it.

So note the number for the Swift Locksmith Sheffield team down, and make sure that you give us a call should you ever find yourself without access. Please also feel free to give us a call should the situation be the reverse, and you are stuck without being able to lock a door which holds you to the location. Once your call has been taken, help is on the way, and you will be able to be on your way to where you are going to as fast as humanly possible.

Ensure you have all your bases covered with a Sheffield expert

swift locksmith sheffield home security surveyAs you may have heard before, the best way to make sure that you are as protected at home as needs be is to get a professional security inspector to have a look at your property. Should you wish to book one in today, with a swift locksmith Sheffield security surveyor, please feel free to give us a call, and we can come as soon as you need it. Putting proper locks on your doors and window is the first thing which needs to be done, however this is only one out of many aspects which come to play when you look at a full home security situation. With an experienced locksmith Sheffield service you’ll also find out more about outdoor security, about your outdoor structures, about good security practices and products, as well as be able to find that right security solution tailored just for you and your property.

A swift locksmith Sheffield service has seen and surveyed a countless number of properties, both private and commercial, and knows just how different each situation is. And in that also understands the need for custom and individual security solutions. Please come with your questions to us, and we’ll be able to help you with the advice and services you need, this also inclusive of the large range of day to day service which are also readily available here. There’s no good reason to leave something as vital as your safety to chance, so get in touch with a Sheffield security inspector today and ensure that all your bases are protected and covered.

Locksmith Sheffield Has Your Back When You’re Locked Out

Locksmith Sheffield is on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year so that when you are locked out, you won’t stay that way for long. We know how stressful being locked out is and work hard to be on hand for every customer regardless of when the call comes in. It’s a scary moment too when your key snaps in the lock, you heart stops and you scramble trying to get the key out. Instead of scrambling for the lock, pick up your phone and call us.

bunch of keys table

We operate on a professional, efficient and no-fuss basis. We know customers want as minimal disruption to their day as possible so we work to complete most jobs in under an hour. Having solved many cases like this before, where keys are snapped or you’ve forgotten your keys, our locksmiths at Sheffield locksmith know exactly the best approach to take that will benefit you the most. This includes minimising damage to your door or lock where possible.

We benefit our customers too by how much we charge for our services, or should we say – how little we charge. We operate on a competitive, transparent basis. Our fees, which we will tell you upfront when you call us, are fully inclusive of parts and we don’t add VAT or call out fees on top. We want all our customers to be able to access the services of Sheffield locksmiths, so call us today to lighten your lock problems now.


We take pride in our flawless customer satisfaction, and the team here at locksmith Sheffield is always giving it their best to make sure that we listen and take care of our customers in the best way we know. In this of course we aim to only provide the highest standard of quality products, but more so to let the customer tell us what it is that they are looking for. Here we act to guide our customers, and give advice on things we’ve learnt though our many years of experience in the industry. So if you are ever in need of a locksmith, come to locksmith Sheffield and you’ll not be disappointed. No matter what the job is, we will help you from start to finish and we are always happy to answer any questions that you may have in regards to security, as well as giving security advice that is applicable to your individual property. Each scenario is different, as is each customer, and we value the individual as a person looking to keep their home and their belongings safe. The quality of our work speaks for itself, however ask anyone of our previous customers and you’ll be sure to find a good recommendation for the services we provide.

Good to keep in mind for your home security

A Swift Locksmith Sheffield would like to recommend this video with 21 security tips for your home to act in addition to your locks and home security system. Please keep in mind that these are for raising awareness and promoting better security practices and making sure that you speak to a professional with regards to your security situation is the best way to ensure that your home and your family is and stays as safe and sound as can be. Should you wish to book in for a locksmith Sheffield security inspection please feel free to call now. And enjoy the video!

Secure hidden windows with stylish security bars

swift locksmith sheffield security bars for windowIf you are thinking about security bars for your windows at home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a swift locksmith Sheffield service who knows how to install a range of different ones, including custom made designs which the team can help you find or if you already have them, help you get installed swiftly and easily. The traditional thought going to prison like bars have long gone, and in our current modern world there are many great options to put up security bars and grills which are in line with your home and which provide you with very strong protection.

For a locksmith Sheffield service who’s seen a wide variety of different types, everything from fully removable, to ones you can open, and all the way to the permanent and stylish designs out there, you can rest assured that all your questions on the security grills and bars subject will find their direction and answers here.

The spaces which security bars do the most good, we would suggest as windows which are in positions difficult to see from inside the house, from neighbours windows or from the street. Maybe around corners, or behind decorative garden bushes or alike, as well as those windows for your basement which may be close to the ground and very easily accessible from the outside. Having security bars installed by a professional locksmith Sheffield service you can also rest assured that risk is closed to fully eliminated for that particular window, and with it your worries and concerns with regards to it.

Keeping a clear view in your garden!

swift locksmith sheffield advices against letting your garden grow wildSomething many locksmith Sheffield green finger people would agree with is that it’s always a good idea to keep a good tidy garden, one where there is good visibility and no hidden ways though brushes where you can reach the house easily without being seen. And in the current season the garden will only start to grow, so it may be a good idea to get on the gloves and get on the maintenance in good time.

If you are doing some garden planning and preparation this is also something which we would recommend to keep in mind. From a security perspective a clear garden without hidden pathways and easy access to windows without being seen is much less likely to become a target for opportunistic burglars. Another tips for this spring’s planting schedule would be some so called defensive plants. In this we would say everything thorny and many climbing plants are very helpful. No thief would like to encounter an extra layer of trouble trying to gain access to the garden. If you would like to know more about what you can do in your garden to improve on your security from a locksmith Sheffield security expert, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and book in for a security inspection. Here we can inform on how you can better protect your home and keep good security in your outdoors areas as well.

If you need a locksmith Sheffield service, like getting a spare key cut or getting a lock fitted, please also feel free to get in touch. Our team of experienced experts can assist with all things locks and security.


locksmith sheffield golden padlockHave you ever thought about upgrading the locks to your property, making sure everything is up to date and in line with home insurance standards, and even more so protecting your belonging which have more value than just material or monetary. When it comes the security solutions that locksmith Sheffield provide, they will be there to assist and advice you from start to finish. If you get in touch today, we will come to you. It can be a place of business or a home property, it doesn’t matter. In our survey Swift Locksmith Sheffield will find any potential security weaknesses, taking into account not only the property itself but the area in which the property is in, and seeing any points of entry which can be used by those unwelcome.

At Swift Locksmith Sheffield of course you will only get the highest standards of care. As well as the best quality products. This due to the fact that the team is always keeping up to date with current markets, and will be able to help find the right personal solution for you. It can be anything from just changing the worn out locks in your current property to finding central key and lock solutions. Swift Locksmith Sheffield can also help if you are looking to install a more comprehensive alarm system.


key hole locksmith sheffieldWhen it comes to what we do and the services we provide here at Swift Locksmith Sheffield, we take great pride in always performing our services in full and with the highest precision and professionalism. We really care for our customers, and take responsibility for being trusted with giving good advice and tips for those who need it. This is why all our team members are working hard to study, learn about the industry, and continuously keeping up to date with all the latest movements on the market. There are many new concepts of mechanical engineering as well as many new more digital alarm systems available now than in the past.

So in order to make sure that locksmith Sheffield always provide the best possible solution for each individual customer, it’s important to make sure we are always up to date with what is currently on the market. At Sheffield we feel high social responsibility, and want to make people aware of their own security situations. And giving our customers their own ability and understanding for basic security is something we encourage for those interested as well. So if you are interested, please come speak to one of our lovely team members today, or why not give locksmith Sheffield a call?


One of the highest priorities for the dedicated team here is of course to make sure we take care of our customers. Not only as to provide a service, but to make sure that Swift Locksmith Sheffield provide the best service available. We take care of our customers, listen and tailor our security solutions for the individual. Making sure you are at ease and happy, as well as giving your experienced advice on your choices. The genuine care that we hold for our customers, and for people, here at locksmith Sheffield is the reason for our impeccable customer satisfaction. As well as the high rate to which they recommend our services to local friends and family.

So if you are searching for someone with expertise in the security and locks area, give us a call or come visit us at our branch at locksmith Sheffield. We are always up to date with the industry market, and will be able to give you professional and expert advice on what every type of security and lock questions you may have. So speak to one of our lovely staff , we come only with the highest recommendation.


Unlike many service providers who do not have any interest in our problem, but only considers our problems as issues, Locksmith Sheffield is different. They know that customers are important and need help. For them, every call is important and they try to understand the problem. They also empathize with their customers and help them gain the confidence again. Losing keys or forgetting them and lockouts are very common cases and can be easily solved. So we ensures that their customers don’t get hassled while trying to get the professionals for assistance. They respond to every call promptly and respond to all customers with empathy. They are very professional.


The good news is Locksmith Sheffield work 24/7 and throughout the year, so any problem of lockout due to any reason is no problem at all. The problems can be easily solved with the help of professionals ready to help you any time of the day. With prompt and fast service they reach the location on time. It’s easy to contact Locksmith Sheffield even at the very first time, due to their online presence and popularity. Even if you have not contacted them before, you can find the contact number on their website and call them to come and rescue.


The Sheffield team members made me happy with their service. Locksmith Sheffield was fast, prompt and quick in opening the locked door and quickly gave me access to my property again. I can recommend their great service to others looking for professionals providing solutions to the lockout problems. It’s a relief to know that those professionals are always there to help 24 hours a day even on weekends and holidays.