Placing good habits for your keys in place with locksmith Thanet

locksmith thanet phone in drawer after useHave you ever heard the statistics of how much time the average person spends in a life, just searching for their keys? Locksmith Thanet can tell you that it’s not only surprising, but also shocking. So we would like to suggest for all those of you who are looking to save a little time to promote good habits for yourself when it comes to your key.

Things like making sure you always use the same place for them, of course when in your home hidden as so not to be easily taken by rapid burglars, as well having a special pocket or compartment for them when you are out. Should you needs some spare keys cut, this is something the mobile locksmiths London team in Thanet can assist you with as well.

Check your door and window locks

locksmith thanet window lockOur team can perform professional security surveys in which we can identify major threats to your security, as well as let you know the best ways in which to combat your high risk areas. The locksmith Thanet team of course recommends this for anyone, and if you book in we can come and have a look at the security situation at your property when it suits you.

However, regardless the locksmith Thanet team would suggest for anyone to check their home window locks and door locks, making sure that there is no visible damage and making sure that your window locks especially are not easily opened from the outside.