All services for your keys, locks and door or car lock outs

locksmith tyneside golden handleWith locksmith Tyneside you can rest assured that you key, lock or security is kept in safe hands and minds. This also includes services caring for your window locks as well as if you ever find yourself in the situation of having locked the keys to your car inside of your car.

As an active locksmith Tyneside team, we are always prepared and ready to help in case of emergency, so make sure you have the number for the Tyneside team close at hand to call an emergency London locksmith, and the stress of a potential catastrophe scenario can be minimized or even obliterated.

Fake TV lights for Tyneside!

locksmith tyneside fake tv lightThere are currently many little products which never really comes into the scope of the average home owners view. This is why the locksmith Tyneside team would like to let you know of one of these little inventions which we find not only clever, but very useful from a security point of view.

Your locksmith Tyneside suggests a fake TV light for anyone who is planning to spend a bit of time away from their property. Behind curtains, or not in plain view from the window, it very well simulates the television being on in the room, which is clear indication that the property is inhabited.

The importance of home security

If you ask anyone what their thoughts on keeping your security up to date at home is, you will often hear that of course many agree with that keeping your home and your family as safe and sound as can be is a priority which comes before most things. Locksmith Tyneside understands that it’s not always easy to find the time in the busy schedules to ensure our locks and security at home are up to date. However, with the quick and professional team here you can be sure to get a swift and cost effective security system put in place at home. The Tyneside team also recommends for you to have a look at the below video by security alarm provider ABS.